HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, January 27, 2020 / — Something has changed. Can’t you feel it? Meaningful buying habits have caught up with global connectivity. Being able to jump online and purchase anything from anywhere, has taken a backseat to knowing who you are buying from, and what they believe. Something has changed.

Corporate responsibility has given way to consumer responsibility. Consumers are thinking longer about how their buying habits impact the environment, and the workforce who made the goods. On the front line of these changes is the social entrepreneur, the disruptive voices of people who largely live online, but whose words cause real-world consequences. But be warned. If you plan to join the fight in 2020, be prepared to take the heat.

Not everyone appreciates when you attempt to hit the reset button on their long-held beliefs. When you place yourself on the front line of sensitive culture matters, be ready for whatever comes your way. Thankfully, the world is big and small. Big geographically, small relationally. The online world has a bias toward youth, and young adults today are not caught up in maintaining the status quo of yesterday. The social entrepreneur, therefore, finds online, a custom-made audience that welcomes new ideas that contradict old ones.

Still, social entrepreneurs must pick our battles — consumer rights, social justice, environmental protection, any issue du jour demanding attention — and fight the good fight, not for bloodsport, but for virtue. There is a lot of inequity on this planet. Picking which one to address is a talent all unto itself.

A new year presents a new opportunity for the social entrepreneurial class — new battlegrounds, new weaponry, new “treaties” to sign. Enlightened citizens, fortified with knowledge, passion, and the will to make things better, are today’s Minutemen. Social entrepreneurs are the generals. We give the vision. Those we influence execute its objectives.

So let me ask you, what do you hold dear to your heart? You, too, can be a social entrepreneur touching the hearts of those with similar passions. There’s no degree required, no academy to attend, no cape to wear. The only prerequisite you need is an ability to see beyond any profit margin, to understand society’s success is measured not in dollars, but in how many steps we take in the right direction. A social entrepreneur’s DNA has little to do with her country’s GDP.

If you’re creative and tend to think differently, you can lead a movement. Seeing solutions where others see the status quo is a shared trait among the generals. It requires perseverance. Changing minds is hard work. Your solutions will be ridiculed, as will you. It demands a spirit of teamwork and flexibility. Nobody wins a war alone.

Whatever you do, do something. Join us today. Let’s make 2020 one for the record books. Game on.

Lian Pham is the CHO (Chief Heart Officer) of Company of Nomads. An agent for positive, disruptive change, Lian operates an entrepreneurial incubator for smart, bold, independent thinkers and creators. Her ambitious lifestyle called Peak Performer, is serving to inspire a new breed of business owners more concerned with the human line than the bottom line.

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Conscious Investing

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Mike Bracchi Campaign for Wilton Manors City Commissioner Hosts Kickoff Party in Richardson Historic Park

Mike Bracchi Campaign for Wilton Manors City Commissioner Hosts Kickoff Party in Richardson Historic Park

Mike Bracchi Campaign for Wilton Manors City Commissioner Hosts Kickoff Party in Richardson Historic Park

Mike Bracchi for Wilton Manors City Commissioner

Mike Bracchi for Wilton Manors City Commissioner

Mike invites the community of Wilton Manors & the surrounding area to come celebrate his campaign kickoff at Richardson Historic Park. RSVP @

I encourage the community to join us at Richardson Historic Park, to not only celebrate the campaign, but also to connect with local residents and hear what issues are important to them.”

— Bracchi

WILTON MANORS, FL, USA, January 27, 2020 / — Mike Bracchi recently announced his campaign for Wilton Manors City Commissioner. Mike invites the community of Wilton Manors and the surrounding area to come celebrate the kickoff of his campaign in the heart of Wilton Manors at Richardson Historic Park. Attendees will have the chance to learn more about why Mike is the right candidate to move this city forward.

“I love living in Wilton Manors and I want to hear and address the concerns of all of its residents. I encourage the community to join us at Richardson Historic Park, to not only celebrate the campaign, but also to connect with local residents and hear what issues are important to them,” Bracchi said.

Join us for some incredible food, wine and company on Thursday, January 30, 2020, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Richardson Historic Park & Nature Reserve in Wilton Manors, FL.

RSVP at Eventbrite:

Suggested Donations: $20.20
Maximum Donations: $1,000
Donations to

Event Details:
• Thursday, January 30, 2020
• 5:30 pm-7:30 pm
• Richardson Historic Park
1937 Wilton Drive,
Wilton Manors FL 33305
• Free Parking

Contact Information:
Name: Mike Bracchi
Phone: (954) 281-2212
For more information, please visit

Mike Bracchi
Mike Bracchi Campaign 2020
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American Fidelity Names Diana Bittle as New CIO

Diana Bittle, CIO of American Fidelity

Diana Bittle, CIO of American Fidelity

American Fidelity announces Diana Bittle will take over as chief information officer from the retiring Kim Fisher.

Diana is a creative problem solver focused on using technology to better serve our Customers. ”

— Jeanette Rice, American Fidelity president and chief operating officer

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, USA, January 27, 2020 / — American Fidelity announces Diana Bittle will take over as chief information officer from the retiring Kim Fisher. With this transition, American Fidelity continues to be one of an estimated 18% of companies with female CIOs or chief technology officers, according to consulting firm Korn Ferry.*

Bittle has been with AFA for 21 years and brings a wealth of business and systems knowledge to her new role. She previously served as chief technology officer and has experience leading multiple IT areas including software development, technical infrastructure, IT security and IT operations.

“Diana is a creative problem solver focused on using technology to better serve our Customers. She strives to have her team collaborate with all aspects of our organization to develop technical solutions to simplify how we do business,” said Jeanette Rice, American Fidelity president and chief operating officer. “In addition to implementing major technology transformation, she is currently leading our efforts to create a strategic technology and workforce plan to ensure our Colleagues have the technical skills needed to continue evolving as technology rapidly changes.”

In addition, Bittle is dedicated to supporting STEM education. She spends countless hours assisting organizations such as MATHCOUNTS and encourages her Colleagues to give back to the community. She created the AF Teacher Fellowship, a program that brings in STEM teachers to work in American Fidelity’s IT division for the summer and gain corporate IT experience they can share with their students. She’s also been instrumental in developing STEM Leadership programs to support teachers.

*Korn Ferry, April 17, 2019


About American Fidelity

American Fidelity Assurance Company is a supplemental benefits provider serving more than 1 million Customers across 49 states with a focus on offering a different opinion for Customers in the education, public sector, auto retail and healthcare industries. More information can be found at

American Fidelity has earned an “A+” (Superior) from the A.M. Best Company since 1982. One of the nation’s leading insurance company rating services, A.M. Best conducts a strict review process for financial stability every year. The Company is also recognized as one of Ward's 50© top performing life-health insurance companies.

American Fidelity is currently recognized as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work for in America” by global research and consulting firm Great Place to Work® and Fortune Magazine.

Fortune magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute selected the Company for several other awards, including: Best Workplaces for Millennials, Best Workplaces in Finance and Insurance and Best Workplaces for Diversity.

In addition, PEOPLE magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute named American Fidelity one of their 50 Companies That Care. Computerworld selected American Fidelity as one of the Best Places to Work in IT. And, Training magazine chose American Fidelity as one of the Training Top 125 companies that excel at employee training and development.

Lindsey Sparks
American Fidelity
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Curious About Charter School? Education Expert Freda Deskin Answers Your Questions

Dr. Freda Deskin of ASTEC

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2020 / — One of the most important — and difficult — decisions a parent has to make is what school their children should attend. Is private school worth the expense? Can they get a good education from the overworked, underpaid teachers at an overcrowded public school? Do you have the necessary initiative and self-discipline to homeschool your child?

There is another option, and it might be the perfect one for your family: Charter schools. Dr. Freda Deskin, the founder, administrator, and CEO of the 20-year-old, ASTEC Charter Schools in Oklahoma City, has all the answers to your questions.

Q: First Things First: What Is a Charter School?

A: Charter schools are public schools that are independently operated by an organization, university, or government agency. Unlike traditional public schools, they have the autonomy to set their own educational objectives, and their standards often exceed those of school districts or even states.

Q: How Many Charter Schools Are There?

A: The United States is home to 7,000 charter schools. They are frequently located in inner-city areas, but suburban and rural charter schools do exist, says Freda Deskin.

Q: Do Families Have to Pay Tuition?

A: No, charter schools are free for students and their families. Most of them are run as non-profit organizations. They receive public funding based on their enrollment numbers, although in many cases they get less funding than traditional public schools.

Q: What Sets Them Apart from Other Schools?

A: Since charter schools are free from the usual constraints and requirements of public school curricula and criteria, many of them have a particular specialty, goal, or demographic. For example, some charter schools are aligned with Montessori principles; others focus on college preparation. There are charter schools that are geared toward gifted and talented students, while some, like ASTEC Charter School, have a strong STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) component. According to Freda Deskin, bilingual instruction is another fairly common characteristic of charters.

Q: Are There Prerequisites or Entrance Exams?

A: No, charter schools are open to all students, and there are no admission requirements. They are considered “schools of choice,” explains Freda Deskin. This means that a student will not be enrolled in a charter school based on where they live, which is usually the organizing principle behind traditional public schools. Instead, the student and their family must opt in and apply to a charter school. If there are more applicants than there is capacity, a random lottery will decide which students get in.

Q: How Can I Find a Charter School That Will Suit My Child?

A: Dr. Freda Deskin advises that you start by searching on the Center for Education Reform’s website. You can also get in touch with your State Department of education to find out about options in your particular area.

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Food Container Market to grow at a CAGR of 4.53% during 2020- 2026

Global Food Container Market

Global Food Container Market

2020 Food Container Market Size, Share and Trend Analysis Report to 2026- Growth Opportunities and Competitive Analysis

HAWAII, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2020 / — The Food Container market to witness robust growth at a CAGR of 4.53% owing to growth in imports and exports of Food Container along with increasing support sectors.

Further,increase in number of families consuming packaged foods,rising population across urban locations coupled with the increasing number of single-person house holds are the other major factors driving the market growth.

Ongoing drive towards investments and plans for market expansion into developing countries to further fuel the market growth.

In addition,rise of packaged food as one of the lucrative market share of the food and beverage industry to fuel the large-scale developments across the food container market for food containers.

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Moreover, the rising status of secure disposal and lightweight during the packaging in the F&B industry is to have a significant impact over the forecast period 2020-2026.

Therefore, for the making of food containers, regulatory norms aimed to control deforestation on a global level to lessen the accessibility of paper as a feedstock.

Technological innovation in terms of the development of biodegradable plastics by market companies to open key opportunities for rigid packaging products.

Furthermore, smaller size packaging of flour, edible oil, and ready meals to deliver massive growth opportunities for key players over the forecast period.

However, fluctuating consumption pattern along with westernization of products across the world might strengthen the demand for packaging to an extent, food contamination due to low quality to challenge the food container market growth.

Browse Food Container Market, Research Report @

Regional prospects of Food Container Market

North America to hold the major market share of foot container owing to mounting interest in packaged food. Further, continuous use of the premium features namely unique package sizes & shapes and high-barrier materials enabling shelf stability enables the market growth.

In addition, rising importance of flexible packaging in the nutrition industry revealing excellent properties including flavor retention, heat insulation, and moisture resistance to drive the market growth regionally particularly in the U.S.

Whereas, Asia Pacific is set to emerge asthe fastest-growing region due to outgrowth in the region attributed to shifting towards buying packaged food for daily cooking.

Further, the presence of a food chain and eateries engaged in food packaging, rise in migration from rural to urban areas, an increase in disposable income positively are the other factors booming the Asian Pacific market growth.

Moreover, a large number of superstores to increase the purchase of processed food in developing countries of AisaPacific including China, India, Japan, and others to upraise purchases and thus boost the container demand.

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Key players

Cutting edge technology, Product innovation, strategic alliances by key market players to boost the market growth over the forecast period 2020-2026. For instance, Fluorescent markers produced a new fluorescent tech to light up food packaging recycling rates.

In addition, in 2020,The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) introduced new nutritional labels, changing the way that manufacturers mark packaged foods to increase awareness among consumers.

Further, in 2020, cookies baked in space took two hours and was packed in the spaceflight container to remain frozen in a Houston-area lab after splashing down two weeks ago in a SpaceX capsule.

Additionally, in 2019, Daikin named a number of factors for reefer containers to robust fruits and lifted some restrictions on beef imports to boost the food container market demand.

Also, in 2019, Zume Inc Acquires Pivot Packaging and launched a new plant-based packaging alternative to plastic food containers.

Moreover, in 2019, Nestlé invested inLoop launching Häagen-Dazs in a reusablecontainer to keep the ice cream at the optimal condition during transport and consumption.

Key players contributing to the Food container market include Ardagh, Berry Plastics, Caraustar Industries,Alcan Packaging Food Americas, Anchor Glass Container Corporation, Constar International Incorporated, Plastipak Holdings Incorporated, Evergreen Packaging, Ring Companies, PWP Industries, Rio Tinto Group among others.

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IADA Members Head to West Palm Beach

Static Display

Static Display

The sizable contingent of IADA members who will be exhibiting at the NBAA 2020 West Palm Beach Regional Forum reflects positively on our organization and represents the highest levels of our industry.”

— IADA Executive Director Wayne Starling

USA, January 27, 2020 / — IADA certified brokers and accredited dealers will be out in force later this week at the NBAA 2020 Regional Forum Jan. 29 at the Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Fla. In addition, a number of verified Products and Services members will be exhibiting their services at the event.

Regional Forums held by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) incorporate exhibits, displays of aircraft and educational sessions into one-day events located across the country to introduce business aviation to local officials, prospective owners and operators, and to address current issues.

"The sizable contingent of IADA members who will be exhibiting at the NBAA 2020 West Palm Beach Regional Forum reflects positively on our organization and represents the highest levels of our industry," said IADA Executive Director Wayne Starling. "When buyers and sellers of aircraft consult with our members they are talking to the highest level of professionals in our industry."

IADA (International Aircraft Dealers Association) dealers who will have aircraft on static display at the event include IADA-accredited dealers ACASS, Avpro and Elliott Jets, along with new aircraft manufacturers (OEMs) including Bombardier, Embraer and Textron Aviation, all members of the organization.

Accredited dealers who will be exhibiting include Banyan Air Services, Duncan Aviation, Elliott Aviation, Exclusive Aircraft Sales/Fargo Jet Center, and Global Wings. OEM member Gulfstream will also be exhibiting at the convention center.

IADA Product and Service members also exhibiting in the convention center include: Advocate Consulting Legal Group, Aviation Partners, CAE Simuflite, CAMP Systems International, Clay Lacy Aviation, GE Aviation, Honeywell International, International Jet Interiors, Jet Aviation, JSSI, Pentastar Aviation, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Rolls-Royce, Satcom Direct, Standard Aero, and West Star Aviation.

IADA is a professional trade association formed more than 25 years ago, promoting the growth and public understanding of the aircraft resale industry. IADA now offers the world's only accreditation program for dealer organizations and the only certification program for individual brokers. The process delivers high standards of ethical business and transparency regarding aircraft transactions, leading to a more efficient and reliable marketplace. For more info about IADA go to

Jim Gregory
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Frozen Food Market to emerge at a rate of 5.24% CAGR

Global Frozen Food Market

Global Frozen Food Market

2020 Frozen Food Market Size, Share and Trend Analysis Report to 2026- Growth Opportunities and Competitive Analysis

FARGO-VALLEY CITY ND, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2020 / — Changing customer preferences from conventional foods to frozen ready made meals owing to long shelf period and hectic lifestyle patterns to drive the market growth. Additionally, health indulgent consumers concentrating on low calories and sugars intake to establish healthy labeled frozen foods as mainstream of the market.

Ongoing consumer stipulates for convenience and ready to eat meal sowing to the fast-moving life of GenZ and the millennial populations to boost the market trends.

Further, frozen dairy products, frozen desserts, frozen Bread and Bakery combined with gluten-free and natural additives & preservatives to favor the market growth.

Altogether, the growing economies to boost both the production and consumption of meat&poultry with an increase in the demand for frozen food products across the processed food industry to impact the market growth positively.

In addition, key players to strengthen the Frozen food market share over intense investments in innovating product portfolio in terms of product formulations and packaging.As well as, new food processing technologies for prolonging shelf life and food storage to create key opportunities for market players.

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Collective retail landscape and demand for technological advancements & convenience food in cold chain markets are the other major factors fueling the market size.

Frozen ready meals to be the leading segment in the frozen food market owing to high demand for taste consistency among consumers and can be kept for a longer period. Also, convenience stores and hypermarkets include freezing and temperature-controlled facilities to fuel the market growth.

Browse Frozen food market, Research Report @

However, the threat of food poisoning over cross contamination, growing preference of fresh food over frozen, and rising ill health effects of consuming frozen food to challenge the market growth.

Regional analysis of Frozen Food Market

The changing lifestyles positively impacts consumer behavior across EU frozen food market and eventually results in rise in volume retail for frozen food, with major share for frozen breads and desserts.

Further, rise in disposable income, growing consumption of frozen food supplies, in particular frozen meat & poultry and the presence of cluster of key vendors as well as innovative entrants across Americas and MEA boosts the frozen food market growth.

penetration of frozen foods through widespread distribution channels including online and offline modes across Germany, the United States, United Kingdom, and other is widening the regional frozen food market size.

Escalating offline and online purchase of staple food to augment across emerged nations including Germany, United States and United Kingdom in order to show a positive influence on the frozen food market value.

Europe frozen food market to raise at a rapid rate over the estimation period 2019-2025, owing to the robust growth of ready to eat snack food industry.

North America frozen foods market is increasing owing to the hectic lifestyles of consumers, which enable them to rely on convenient foods such as ready to eat or frozen food products. In addition, frequent innovation of products and attractive packaging are boosting the frozen food market.

Asia-Pacific frozen food market is dominated by china. Increase in frozen food market would primarily be driven by the rising demand and consumption of frozen foods in the developing markets of Asia-Pacific region.

Middle East & Africa is projected to increase the market growth owing to the emergence of supermarkets and online stores that are expected to ensure the product availability in the region.

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Key players

key companies and manufacturers are continuously engaged in investing and launching new products to overcome competitive landscape and to expand their business presence to lift the market growth. For instance, in 2020, Ajinomoto Foods North America, Inc. invested $27.3 million to increase the processing capacity in its facility in Oakland.

Further, in 2019 Nestle’s launched a new 'cook from raw' 100% plant-based burgers in Europe to balance the consumer protein intake. As well, in 2018, Nestle launched a range of healthy frozen meals in reusable and recyclable containers.

In addition, in 2019, Amalgam Group launched frozen food items to position Buffet brand as the first health-oriented frozen food range.

Furthermore, in the year 2018 many launches and openings took place. For example Lanthanum Unawake opened a new production plant in Poland to increase its production capabilities.

Also, Conagra acquired Pinnacle Foods Inc. (US); the acquisition helped Pinnacle foods to widen its frozen meals & snacks and sweet treats categories.

Moreover, Grupo Bimbo added four frozen bakery lines to its Argentina plant to increase the export business of the company in neighboring countries.

key market players operating in the frozen food market include General Mills Inc., Conagra Brands, Inc., Grupo Bimbo S.A.B. De C.V., Nestle SA, Unilever, Kellogg Company, McCain Foods Limited, the Kraft Heinz Company, Associated British Foods Plc, and Ajinomoto.

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How Can the UK Boost Productivity and International Trade? Guildhawk gives Government three recommendations

Guildhawk Registered Trademark of a Girl and company name to the right with the Queens Award Emblem 2019 all in Guildhawk red

Guildhawk Registered Trademark of Girl with a Hawk symbol and Trusted in Any Language

Guildhawk CEO Jurga Zilinskiene with Simon Clarke MP and others at Be the Business Roundtable event in London

Guildhawk CEO Jurga Zilinskiene with Simon Clarke MP

Group photo of Guildhawk CEO Jurga Zilinskiene MBE


Why is the United Kingdom's productivity so low and what practical steps can be taken to improve it? Guildhawk's CEO gives Government three suggestions.

Just imagine if we could make 99% of UK companies more productive! We can, by supporting business leaders as the Be The Business movement is doing.”

— Jurga Zilinskiene, CEO and Founder Guildhawk

CITY OF LONDON , LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 27, 2020 / — The United Kingdom's productivity has hit a major low and with the country's exit from the European Union looming fast, the need for UK companies to close that gap and boost their national and international trade has never been more pressing.

Privately held companies have a vital role to play in this. This is a major and frequently underestimated sector of the UK economy that has grown by almost 70 per cent in the first two decades of the millennium, and now encompasses just under 6 million companies; accounting for about 99% of all UK business.

In a meeting with the Rt Hon Simon Clarke MP, Exchequer Secretary to the HM Treasury hosted by the Be the Business movement, Jurga Zilinskeine MBE explained how she had used technology innovation and investment in people and systems to make her company Guildhawk a highly productive organisation and what government can do to help leaders like her.

Zilinskiene's follow-up letter to the Minister is available view online.


1. Guildhawk is a privately held global technology enabled translation and language services company founded in 2001.

2. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II honoured Guildhawk with the Queens Award for International Trade and Honoured Ms Zilinskiene with the MBE for International Trade.

3. Guildhawk provides fully project managed services including Lease Abstraction Translation, Technical Translations, Multilingual e-discovery and Cultural Advisory for global brands.

Press Officer: Adam Bradshaw

david clarke
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A heartwarming video clip of Guildhawk CEO Jurga Zilinskiene when she received a surprise letter recognizing her achievements in boosting international trade

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Key market drivers shaping the Feldspar Market size through 2020-2026 at a CAGR of 6.34%

Feldspar Market

Global Feldspar Market

2020 Feldspar Market Size, Share and Trend Analysis Report to 2026- Growth Opportunities and Competitive Analysis

NORTH DAKOTA, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2020 / — Usage of feldspar as a fluxing agent in glass and ceramic manufacturing industries to drive the feldspar market growth.
In addition, intensifying investment in commercial and residential construction to create key opportunities for the market players over the forecast period.

Pottery tile or ceramic tile to be the most significant ingredient expended in the construction industries reliant on the rising construction expenditure worldwide.

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Furthermore, existence of better properties of feldspar including resistance to heat, chemical inertness, and low melting point to the progress of the feldspar market growth.

Though some of the elements may reside in impurities within unrecognized microscopic or submicroscopic inclusions of other minerals. But,several other elements also have been recorded as traces in feldspar examines.

For instance, in 2019, researchers at Miguel Hernández University (UMH) created a new glass-ceramic material obtained from sludge mixed with feldspar and distilled coal ashes to shows extraordinary resistance with non-toxic and eco-friendly nature.

Additionally, Plagioclase feldspars are an important component of nearly every igneous rock particularly intermediate to mafic igneous rocks. Also, plagioclase feldspars to occur with most of the other important rock forming minerals.

Browse Feldspar market, Research Report @

Provincial outlook of Feldspar market is mainly driven by Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific to drive the major market share of feldspar owing to the escalating construction activities and infrastructure developments in the nations to drive the demand for high-quality glass and ceramics products in emerging nations such as India, China, and Indonesia.

Further, feldspar producers of the Asia Pacific region to gain worldwide market share owing to urbanization, growing population, and cumulative investments in infrastructure projects.lately, India has achieved 100% self-sufficiency in the supplies of industrial minerals including feldspar, fire clay,barites, chromite among others.

Accordingly, demand for ceramic tiles is also likely to increase, at present, there are more than 500 ceramic tile and 50 sanitary ware industries engaged in manufacturing in India
In addition, there is a significant increase inconsumption of feldspar owing to change in the product trend of floor tiles from glazed ceramic. Also, the requirement of feldspar in vitrified and glazed vitrified tiles is more than glazed ceramic tiles.

Therefore “Make in India” ingenuity of the Indian government to catalyze the demand for feldspar from local glass and ceramic manufacturing industries.

Though, volatility in fuel prices, an upsurge in mining and logistics costs to challenge the feldspar production in Asia Pacific region.

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Whereas, rising demand for real estate to exert demand pressures on ceramic industries in order to enlarge the North American feldspar market.

However, collective government principles for the mining industry across North American and European regions to hinder the feldspar market growth.

Investments, modernization of resources, strategic alliances across key players to boost the market share
Further, in 2019, AMG announced some 840mn reais (US$209mn) for the implementation of a second lithium concentrate processing plant, and for the production offeldspar, tin, and tantalum.

In addition, in 2019, Covia offered a broad array of high-quality products including feldspar, clay, kaolin, and others.

Moreover, Piedmont Lithium Ltdupdated its JORC resource for mineral by-products quartz, feldspar and mica in 2019 from the Piedmont Lithium Project in the US state of North Carolina.

Lately, Pioneer Resources Ltd. confirmed a market-significant volume of potassium feldspar directly above the Sinclair caesium deposit in Western Australia.

Additionally, Hudson Resources Inc started calcium feldspar production in Greenland in 2019. Also, in 2019, Piedmont Lithium and AMCI to Partner to Market By-Products including quartz, feldspar, and mica to be produced at the Piedmont Lithium Project.

Key players participating in the feldspar market include Quarzwerke GmbH, Adolf Gottfried TonwerkeGMbH, Eczacibasi Esan, LB Minerals, U.S. Silica Company, Micronized Group, Imerys Minerals, Sibelco Nordic, and The Quartz Corp. among others.

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Food Certification Market size is show casing compounded growth rate of 5.18% through 2026

Food Certification Market

Global Food Certification Market

2020 Food Certification Market Size, Share and Trend Analysis Report to 2026- Growth Opportunities and Competitive Analysis

TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2020 / — Increasing occurrence of food borne illness, cumulative demand for processed meat products to drive the Food certification market growth over the forecast period.

Worldwide increases in malpractices coupled with a large number of fraud and contamination incidents for meat & meat products to drive the enhancement of the food certification.

In addition, FSSC 22000 is the world leading certification scheme for food safety management systems based on requirements in ISO 22000.While new requirements have been added to align with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) guidance to define the food safety certification schemes suitable for the whole food industry.

Further, religious concerns among consumers to play a major role especially in Islamic and Jewish populations. Increasing demand for healthy, fresh, and halal certification for meat & meat products are the major factors driving the food certification market growth.

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Moreover, rise in food safety concerns worldwide coupled with shifting preferences of the non-Jewish population toward kosher products owing to the presumed hygiene and safety standards to impact significantly on the market size.
Accordingly, increasing focus on a satisfying variety of diets and lifestyle trends, to provide assurance about the ingredients that are minimalist in nature to play a key role in the food certification market.

Although clean foods certification on the products to draw the consumer’s attention worldwide for long-term success and increase its growth prospects through 2026.

However, lack of awareness about food certifications among, consumers, small-scale and large scale manufacturers coupled with an increase in incidences of false labeling and certifications to challenge the market growth.

Browse Food Certification Market, Research Report @

Americas to hold strong market growth over Food Certification Market

North American holds the highest market share followed by Europe and the Asia Pacific. North America is mainly driven by the strong food safety regulations levied by the governments across the developed countries of North America for foreign goods.

Further, initiatives taken by the US government pertaining to certification and accreditation services and promotion of food certifications make the United States a major country-wise market for food certification in the North American region.

New courses and programs by universities, private and government organizations to increase awareness about the food certification. For, example, The New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service is offering a master food preserver certification course for people interested in becoming certified master food preserver volunteers.

In addition, Innovia extends biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) recyling certification to its testing programme across all its uncoated, acrylic coated and EVOH barrier range of films.

Further, Plant-Based Foods of Canada (PBFC) announced the Certified Plant-Based program available to companies in Canada. PBFC will work with innovative companies who are bringing more plant-based choices to Canadian consumers.

Whereas, in the Asia Pacific, demand for food certification is on the rise in the major developing countries including India, China,Japan, and others to formulate an efficient context for food safety regarding food quality and standards.

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Attainments and trainings for safety certification of food across key market players

Developments, new service launches, acquisitions by key players to boost the market growth. For instance, in 2020, Draco Natural Products, Inc achieves safe quality food certification of Manufacturing Facilities.

Further, in 2020, Sappi Somerset Mill receives new food safety certification that allows the company to make food packaging containers, keeping it ahead of competitors in Skowhegan.

In addition, in 2020, OMNI Systems Inc. received food safety certification by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).
Training classes by the organization to increase the awareness among consumers to trigger the market trend.

For example, in 2020, ServSafe Food Safety certification classes offered by Penn State Extension at Beaver County Emergency Services.

Additionally, in 2020, Hotel and Restaurant Association of North India (HRANI) hosts training session on Food Safety in Jaipur and other states on a rotation basis to facilitate the members of the association.
Moreover, in, 2019, Dinant Yummies awarded with the internationally-recognized SQF certification for its Safe Quality Food program.

Also, a leading provider of quality control and supply chain compliance solutionsQIMA acquired World Quality Services (WQS) to improve safety and quality for their products and processes.

Market players participating in the food certification market include DEKRA SE, DNV GL, Intertek Group Plc, SGS SA, TÜV SÜD, Lloyd’s Register, Eurofins Scientific, Kiwa Sverige, ALS Limited, and UL LLC among others.

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