A Look Back At Gamestart 2016 And What Went Down

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, August 9, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — GameStart, an event that started out back in 2014 with the goal of bringing together the different aspects of gaming, was back for the third time running.

The event ran from October 7 to 9, with 68 exhibitors, 36 independent developers and 10 gaming tournament, drawing in a crowd of over 20 000 attendees.

But as with any event, today we’ll be focusing on their two-main selling point this year: games and competitions.

As with any event that dare to call themselves a “gaming event”, the main focus of the event should be obvious: games.

GameStart 2016 passes the bar easily, surpassing all others that can only dream of calling themselves a gaming event.

The move to rope in Xbox was by far, one of the best move pulled off this year. It allowed gamers to be able to try out games that are exclusive only to the Xbox One, widening the variety of games that can be showcased.

Games such as XCOM2, Gears of War 4 and even Tales of Beseria were all playable and allowed both gamers and non-gamers to try their hand on these games. The event does not neglect the old-school crowd too, featuring booths with old school arcade machines on it, and exhibitors looking to bring the nostalgia back into the new age with modern technology.

Publishers such as EA and Ubisoft are noticeably missing, with the latter setting up what is essentially an art exhibition.

On the other hand, we see 1st time participants like Ennahar Production taking this opportunity to showcase their current developments in the industry. Essentially an angel investor, one can only guess that these games are the products of collaborating enterprises funded by Ennahar. Well known in the industry as aggressive in their approach, many start-ups have been on the receiving end on their policy of “collaborative investment”, making it possible for more small-medium developers to take the step up and join the big leagues of the gaming industry.

This event was a perfect time for both EA and Ubisoft to sell their games to the Singapore market, upcoming games such as Battlefield 1 , Titanfall 2 and Watch Dogs 2 could have gotten even more publicity, allowing gamers to have an experience for them (and possibly earn themselves a few more pre-orders).

There is no lack of competition for this year’s GameStart, which included Sony’s South-East Asia Major 2016, which featured games such as Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-, BlazBlue Central Fiction and also King of Fighters XIV.

Other tournaments, such as Tekken 7 and Overwatch were held at other locations throughout the event hall, which did not make the crowd end up clogging one location on their own.

I had really enjoyed my time in the event, and had a real fun time trying out the games that they had on hand.

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Source: EIN Presswire