The main goal of the UDIAR project is to make records verified through blockchain admissible as evidence in court.

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SAINT-PETERBURG, SAINT-PETERSBURG, RUSSIA, October 31, 2017 / — UDIAR creates a marketplace for intellectual property on blockchain, enabling users both to reliably preserve author and edit information, and to use a hash of records as evidence in court. Regarding the first item, all is quite clear, because the technology is now being actively implemented in all spheres of life. With the second item, however, it isn't that easy, since few people are ready to accept and to use blockchain technology.

The amount of digital content circulating on the Internet is increasing extremely fast.
Different graphic design and music editors, many kinds of mobile apps and devices allow and motivate a modern user, since his very childhood, to produce various content. The copyright protection for this content is also developing at a fast rate. In the last two years, at least 15 start-ups planning to use blockchain technology for the unique content protection and monetization, have made their presence known and publicly announced their plans.
Nevertheless, almost all of these projects are focusing on monitoring the illegal use and/or commercialization of the content. It is worth recognizing that, largely because of such priorities, legal literacy of most authors in the field of intellectual property protection still remains quite low. The community is not well informed that copyright protection and ability to claim any royalties or compensation begins with the copyright process, and that the time-stamping is not just a fixation of the time allowing the author to confirm his rights to the content, but also a full identification of the author by means of documents regulated by a state, such as a citizen's passport.
Here lies one of the main contemporary problems of the entire sphere of copyright for a global user – the bureaucratic barriers that impede the recognition of Certificates of deposit (copyright's fixation certificates issued by different services) by the international judicial system. That is why the one of the main challenges for UDIAR is to initiate and develop judicial practices in copyright protection, when it comes to copyrighted objects deposited through blockchain technology.
Thus, it can be said that the blockchain as such can no longer be considered the most innovative development vector for the modern services active in the intellectual property field. The essential vectors for development are the fields where blockchain touches the already existing traditional and internationally recognized practices of law enforcement. Those services that will be aimed at building a bridge between these two shores, which are now so far away from each other, will occupy a leading position among the most promising projects.
About UDIAR: The project was founded in 2015 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, to create a universal register of intellectual activity results that aims to simplify the process of copyright registration and protection. In 2016, the UDIAR team developed and implemented a digital platform for launch a Copyright Protection Service on the Russian market. At the moment the UDIAR project is holding its ICO campaign to launch an international blockchain-based marketplace for intellectual property.

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Source: EIN Presswire