Blockchain Technology Foundation (BCTF)

Blockchain Technology Foundation (BCTF)

It is our strong belief that the humanity is desperately looking for the next evolutionary step towards a better version of itself.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2018 / — There is not a single doubt in our minds that the blockchain technology is being heralded as a groundbreaking feat not only for a good moral reason but for a number of practical ones.

The potential to stir up and reshape virtually all social and business processes – from introducing country currencies to crop protection and small-scale farming – is well-documented and seemingly endless. With that, the Blockchain Technology Foundation is here to curb the no longer necessary hype and present to the public the actual possibilities of this marvelous technology.

It is our strong belief that the humanity is desperately looking for the next evolutionary step towards a better version of itself and the blockchain technology could and should be that stepping stone for making our world a better place.

Even if you hadn’t read "Marooned in Realtime" (1986) by the great American mathematician and author Vernor Vinge, you should be familiar with the concept of accelerating technological change. In a nutshell, humans will enjoy exponentially streamlined technological advances until the intervals between the cycles of innovation become shorter, and eventually disappear. At that point, the human involvement or even comprehension of a given technology is no longer necessary because machine learning will create self-sufficient AI, and both humanity and technology will begin to coexist independently on two vertical parallel planes of development.

It does seem a bit far-fetched in 2018 but according to the research by the BCTF team of volunteer-researchers, even given that some of the overinflated promises by the blockchain technology are being fully deflated at the moment, we are on the right track. The blockchain is rapidly shaping the “plateau of productivity” for the new economy, and the hundreds of mesmerizingly promising blockchain-based startups originating from almost every country on Earth are solid proof of the upcoming technological jump.

We do have many obstacles to overcome, though. The initial over-hyping of the technology and the subsequent cryptocurrency boom haven’t bode well with the public opinion crystallized by the original blockchain promise. Multiple crashes of cryptocurrency-based platforms, disappearances of funds, bankruptcies and rampant fraud in the space suggest that the kinks in the system need to be addressed immediately. Some of the world governments do it with the heavy-handedness usually attributed to government. But the Blockchain Technology Foundation is created to alleviate the shock many of us are bound to experience once the cryptocurrency bubble if fully burst. Among other things, the BCTF will provide reimbursement to qualified investors who incurred losses as a result of being involved in a less than scrupulous cryptocurrency enterprise.

Unfortunately, in the beginning, the true value of the blockchain technology to our society was overshadowed and overwhelmed by the PR-activities of many pump-and-dumpers who magically appeared online once the promise of the blockchain had been revealed. It was (and, frankly, still is) a shame to watch the outright scoundrels, who barely disguise themselves, luring the unsuspecting soon-to-be billionaires into various pyramid schemes. And for those poor souls who fancied themselves as “better-trained investors” there have always been more elaborate combinations conjured up, advertised, promoted and hyped by “airdrops” and “bounties.”

It’s really tempting to say “no more” but we are fully aware of the reality: where there’s money to be made, there will always be those who want it fast, easy, and lot of it, which most of the time means that you’re looking at a fraud.

And that’s the social purpose of the Blockchain Technology Foundation – to guide and educate those who realize the vile nature of the “get rich fast” mantra and wish to learn, understand and utilize the blockchain technology in business and life. BCTF will help citizens of the world find and decode the transformative nature of the blockchain and create solutions to problems that, had it not been for the blockchain technology, might never be solved. We’re here to help you all fast-track the real, tangible improvements to our way of doing business on and offline and once and for all resolve the issues of identity, cost of transaction, transparency, security, and scalability engendering trust for the twenty-first century economy.

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Source: EIN Presswire