Glosfer Sets Off Blockchain C&S to Supercharge HYCON’s Real Life Applications

Head of Blockchain C&S Myeongchul Yoon (left) and HYCON COO Bogyu Kim (right)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, September 21, 2018 / — Korea’s first-generation blockchain company Glosfer (CEO Taewon Kim) announced the debut of Blockchain C&S, its first in-house startup, soon after successfully launching its very own blockchain public platform. Glosfer will actively contribute its technical expertise to the new company so that many more practical use cases of HYCON-driven technology can be generated in close collaboration.

Myeongchul Yoon, the head of Blockchain C&S, is credited for having won the bid for the “Ma-eum Talk Talk” project, in which Glosfer’s blockchain technology is to be applied in enhancing community psychiatric counseling service in the city of Daegu.

According to Mr. Yoon, “Blockchain C&S will continue to facilitate the use of HYCON platforms in future projects where the technology can be aptly deployed to serve the interests of the public including various public organizations.

Bogyu Kim, COO of Glosfer, said that he is “delighted to announce the launch of the company’s first in-house startup on the day that HYCON is listed on a Korean crypto exchange,” adding that “I expect the new organization to further expedite the real-life adoption of HYCON, Glosfer’s very own cryptocurrency.”

The announcement of HYCON’s listing on a domestic crypto exchange on September 12 led to favorable market responses, with HYCON’s value jumping as much as 32% in select foreign exchanges. Glosfer recently hit another milestone in successfully hosting “HyconHacks,” Glosfer’s inaugural blockchain hackathon which took place over two days from September 14 to 15.

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Source: EIN Presswire