visits Dutch Parliament for smart regulations regarding cryptocurrency exchanges.

The CEO of is adamant on moving the Netherlands to the top for Blockchain related companies to settle.

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, April 15, 2019 / — As a team of young tech pioneers, our aim has always been to create an efficient, secure, and premiere cryptocurrency exchange platform. is developing into a bridge leading towards the adoption of a digital economy by ensuring that it is safe and easy to trade cryptocurrencies. Christiaan Van Steenbergen, our CEO here at was called alongside other Blockchain and cryptocurrency organizations to visit the Dutch Parliament. Here, discussions regarding the Blockchain sector, governmental stance on cryptocurrencies, and general talk related to the industry took place.

One of the main elements of this discussion is that Dutch authorities are currently positioning themselves as a daunting country regarding Blockchain adoption through several policies. Due to this, many Blockchain startups are establishing their business operations in more regulatory favorable countries such as Switzerland, Estonia, Malta, and Lichtenstein. This is not going unnoticed by Dutch authorities who decided that it was time to evolve to accommodate the growing Blockchain sector. Wash trading was also brought up which is regarded as a serious issue in the cryptocurrency market. This type of behavior can negatively impact new market entrants which is precisely what NEXT and now, the Dutch Parliament will focus on. It was agreed that considerable efforts should be switched towards driving the market into a more mature and clean environment. In addition to this, it was brought up during the discussion that NEXT.chain can help in identifying all payment flows on the Blockchain to create a more transparent market.

All these points of discussion lead to a unanimous decision of scheduling future appointments between and the Dutch Parliament, the Dutch Bank, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. is willing to work with authorities to create a cleaner and more mature Blockchain and cryptocurrency environment. To utilize Blockchain technology in support of legitimate digital businesses, NEXT will receive assistance in terms of expansion from Dutch regulators.

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Source: EIN Presswire