Art Biennale comes to Basel.

Artist Pavel Proskuriakov

wellknown Pop Art Artist Tanja Playner

Artist Bo Song

The MAMAG Modern Art Museum will be presenting a selection of artworks by artists from all over the world this year with the Fine Art Biennial in Basel.

BASEL, SWITZERLAND, June 12, 2019 / — Basel / The world of art without Art Basel is unthinkable. Art Basel is one of the most relevant art fairs in the world. Most influential gallery owners such as Larry Gagosian, Hauser & Wirth bring their offer of works of art for art collectors who come to Basel from all over the world in June. The entire city is transformed into an art paradise with many events and exhibitions taking place around the Art Basel.

The MAMAG Modern Art Museum will also be presenting a selection of artworks by artists from all over the world this year with the 2nd International Fine Art Biennial in Basel. Curator Heinz Playner shows a large selection of artists this year with the selection of artists for the Fine Art Biennale Basel. At the Biennale, the premises of the Hotel Euler are transformed into an art museum. "With the Biennale we want to broaden the field of view of art collectors and art lovers" – says the curator of the MAMAG Modern Art Museum Heinz Playner.

At the Biennale, some artworks by the well-known pop art artist Tanja Playner will be on display. The artist deals with the topics of love, dealing with each other and sets accents to a positive attitude in life.

Art by the artist Dominique Meunier was also selected for the Biennale by the curator Heinz Playner. Dominique Meunier made it through the art of an accident to feel his life again. He expresses special feelings and thoughts in his works of art.

Works by South Korean artist Bo Song have attracted the attention of the curator and will also be shown at the Biennale in Basel. Juicy colors can be seen in every artwork by Bo Song.

Another artist will be at the Biennale in Basel. Jungching Hsiau from Taiwan impressed curator Heinz Playner with his technique and philosophy. Kaligraphy is still an interesting form in art today. "The whole picture that Jungching Hsiau creates very precisely is fascinating every time you look at it" – says curator of the MAMAG Modern Art Museum Heinz Playner.

The Biennale in Basel revolves around the artist's inner world. To express feelings is also in the artwork of Karol McQuade from Costa Rica. Some works of art from the series "Golden Rain" will be on view in Basel.

The artist Erica Fromme from Germany shows her art which she calls "Crazy Art". Her artworks are like an explosion of positive emotions and memories. Erica Fromme is not only interested in bright colors, she also builds elements of her past in her art, such as old Murano rings, parts of dishes, even a bridal bouquet of her friend, little dolls from different countries, but also handmade wooden dolls.

The art world without photography can not be seen today. A mixture of photography and design by Howard Harris from the USA will be shown at the Biennale in Basel. The philosophical basis for Harris' work is partly the study of quantum physics and chaos theory, in particular the proposition that the observer always influences what is observed.

The artist Lili (Ljiljana Burcul Lilly) from Serbia was selected for her special technique such as delicate silk painting for the Biennale in Basel. Continuously inspired by the secrets of human existence, her figurative and abstract painting of intense coloration is based on vitality, representing the artistic expression of driving energy based on reality. Lili has developed a special and original ability to paint the silk base with other materials and to complement it with Swarovski crystals and glass beads.

The photograph of the artist Maurizio Iazeolla from Italy also caught the attention of curator Heinz Playner. The themes that Maurizio Iazeolla prefers are landscapes, especially at dawn and dusk. Water is the element that is present in almost all images of this genre. The black-and-white snapshots of faces and situations captured during his travels represent a feature of his iconographic production.

Photographic works by the artist Pavel Proskuriakov are a constant experiment. The artist never knows what the result will be, and that unlocks his imagination. Man's attitude to life is one of the themes of his art.

For the artist Christin Ohlin sign Kin from Sweden, art is not only a self-healing tool, but also the communication tool between her psychic language and the viewer. "Capturing the meaning of life, feeling that we live and that there are possibilities, gives me a sense of gratitude and magic that expresses itself in my creation" – says artist Christin Ohlin.

The free play of thoughts can also be seen in the artworks of Sisko Linnea. The artist paints expressive, spontaneous works of art. It connects the conscious with the subconscious and that is the interesting thing about her art.

Relationships and interactions with each other are constantly changing with technologies that open up a world of infinite possibilities. Connections, vibrations, moods, the old and the new are of interest to the artist Aprajita S Chadha. Aprajita's recent collections are mainly in abstract styles, focusing on the convergence of modern technology ideas and our relationships with this new chaos. While originally using mostly oil paints, she began to explore the use of mixed media and acrylics in her work. Her art will be shown in Basel this week.
These and many other fascinating works of art can be seen at the 2nd International Fine Art Biennale Basel from 14 to 16 June 2019.

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