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ManyMe opens the curtain on the sites responsible for the spread of user email addresses.”

— David Hughes, Co-founder and CEO

BOSTON, MA, USA, August 12, 2019 / — Have you ever wondered where an unwanted email sender got your address? As annoying as it is, the source generally remains a mystery. One’s address has probably been disclosed in many different places, making it very difficult to pinpoint which person or site is responsible for the leak.

But maybe it wasn’t a leak at all. Perhaps the address is spreading to new users under a privacy policy to which one agreed but perhaps never read. All that unwanted email might be coming from the original site’s partners, wanting to sell their wares, too.’s free service eliminates the mystery by tracking an email address and alerting the user when it spreads to new senders. ManyMe is able to do this by making it simple to use a different email address every time one is needed to register at a site or even to share an address in conversation or on paper. When a different address is used for every purpose, it becomes easy to track the senders using each one. Now one can tell when an address disclosed at one site is used by senders at different sites, and take easy action to avoid the consequences.

ManyMe addresses don’t need to be created beforehand, are automatically remembered, and work with any email system. Email sent to a ManyMe address undergoes added layers of protection before being forwarded to the user’s primary inbox.

ManyMe protects the user’s privacy by providing a simple alternative to revealing one’s personal address, and increases user security by strengthening protection against the most common hacker exploits. For example, ManyMe helps users identify phishing attacks and display name spoofing attacks, and reduces user exposure to credential re-use attacks, among many other advantages.

Furthermore, the use of multiple email addresses gives users unmatched control over the email that reaches their primary inbox. ManyMe makes it easy to restrict the use of each address to a specific sender or group of senders, and if an address starts to spread, to pre-emptively block new senders. ManyMe also makes it simple, if necessary, to disable an email address completely with a one-click “instant unsubscribe” – such a step clearly isn’t practical if one always uses a single address.

“ManyMe opens the curtain on the sites responsible for the spread of user email addresses,” said David Hughes, ManyMe’s co-founder and CEO, “and gives users a simple way to reclaim control of their primary inbox. ManyMe users now have unique visibility into the consequences of the privacy policies to which they agreed but might not have read.”

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