Another Milestone – Shufti Pro Now Offers Worldwide KYB Services

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Fast-track Know Your Business (KYB) onboarding with Shufti Pro’s one-stop solution for business search.

If you want to know who you're doing business with, you need to go beyond Googling the company you’re dealing with, and that's why we decided to add Know Your Business (KYB) services to Shufti Pro.”

— Victor Fredung

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 31, 2019 / — Leading global identity service provider, Shufti Pro, is extending its Identity Verification services to offer Business Verification or Know Your Business (KYB).

With a one-stop solution for business verification, Shufti Pro provides real-time access to 140+ global commercial registers, and data of roughly 200 million companies. The company’s KYB helps with due diligence review of businesses you are dealing with, against money laundering techniques and terrorist financing that allow you to develop systems and evaluate questionable activities or transactions.

The spike in cyber financial crimes and global money laundering activities has significantly increased the importance of onboarding trustworthy stake-holders. Shufti Pro comes to the aid of businesses with KYB checks that ensure effective regulatory compliance and safeguard valued industry reputation.

Shufti Pro’s market-leading KYB Verification Solution is committed to providing a strong risk shield against fraudulent entities, which accelerates onboarding businesses.

Successfully providing competitive identity verification services to around 100 countries, Shufti Pro has now taken a huge leap in service delivery.

Shufti Pro makes KYB Compliance and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) processes much easier, as businesses can now fulfill global regulatory compliance needs without friction. A comprehensive approach to risk mitigation allows businesses to prevent non-compliance penalties and potential losses.

Additionally, automated and real-time provision of KYB verification services ensures quickness and accuracy of verification for businesses.

With wide access to virtually all official, updated and authentic data registers in the world, Shufti Pro goes a step ahead and provides enhanced coverage of global entities.

For the best compliance experience, the API consolidates the best support and authentication technology. A tri-layer risk cover for businesses also translates into improved growth opportunities worldwide, establishing Shufti Pro as a trusted service provider.

About Shufti Pro:

Shufti Pro is an end-to-end Identity Verification SaaS that offers KYC and AML solutions to a global clientele. At an accuracy rate of 98.67%, the hybrid technology employed by Shufti Pro brings together Artificial and Human Intelligence to verify users across 230 countries.
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