George Nshanyan of Green Road Capital, Discussed Ideas for Investing in Cannabis

Green Road Capital

Green Road Capital

Green Road Capital

In an interview with JT Foxx at MegaSuccess, Green Road Capital CEO George Nshanyan shared the key ideas related to investing in cannabis.

NORTHRIDGE, CA, UNITED STATES, January 24, 2020 / — George Nshanyan, the CEO of Green Road Capital, recently shared useful ideas for investing in cannabis during his interview with JT Foxx at MegaSuccess. Green Road Capital LLC was established in 2017 to provide alternative investment solutions to sophisticated high-net-worth investors. A founding partner of the organization, Nshanyan has worked in the financial services industry for 17 years. Green Road Capital is in the process of launching the Green Road Ventures, a venture capital fund available only to accredited investors to invest in the legal cannabis industry.

Nshanyan talked about the controversy surrounding marijuana legalization, the scope of emerging industries and various investment opportunities. "It is important to look at recreational marijuana as belonging to the same category as other controversial or vice industries, such as alcohol, tobacco, firearms, gambling and pornography. If you are socially conscious and don't believe in it, then don't invest in it," he said.

However, as Nshanyan points out, the emerging industries related to cannabis are much larger than the recreational use of marijuana and even go beyond its medical use. "There are hundreds of industrial uses for hemp, many of which could be beneficial for the environment, such as bioplastics, paper and clothing. There are also significant investment opportunities in ancillary businesses such as testing laboratories, software and technology, real estate, and equipment for extraction, packaging and lighting," he added.

"The main take away from the interview was that the industries that are emerging and presenting investment opportunities go way beyond smoking marijuana for recreational use. Not only can one feel good about helping people and the environment by investing in these other areas, but the growth potential there may be bigger than recreational marijuana use," Nshanyan said. "It is important to note, as well, that the best opportunities for investing in cannabis are not with publicly traded stocks, but with privately held companies."

To find out more about Green Road Capital, LLC and its Green Road Ventures, LP fund, please visit the company's official website.


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