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At Sell My House FL, our goal is to be completely honest, treat our sellers with respect, and do everything we can to provide a solution regardless of the seller's situation.”

— Jarred Mussen

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2020 / — According to recent statistics, Florida has recently had a spike in COVID cases and has become the new epicenter of coronavirus. As of July 2nd, a total of 1,423 people in Alachua County have tested positive for the virus. This is a major concern for many homeowners if they have the personal goal to sell my house fast Gainesville FL.

Selling a home can be a headache without the concerns of a pandemic. It often takes much longer and costs more than most people think, and it can be an emotional drain to go through that process. Going through the process of selling a house during this crisis adds several new safety concerns to worry about. One of the main new stressors is the risk of the virus coming into the home due to having lots of people enter the house during the house selling process.

The founder of Sell My House FL, Jarred Mussen, has made it a priority to help Gainesville homeowners make the process of selling a house during these stressful times as simple and painless as possible. Jarred is a licensed real estate agent and represents a reputable group of real estate investors who have cash ready and available to purchase properties. They stand behind the slogan “We buy houses” thankful to the combined experience and buying power of the team of investors. This alternative of selling directly to house buyers via a reputable company is the alternative that many sellers have been looking for.

The benefits of working with Sell My House FL is that there is no stress of having to make any repairs to the house that the seller is wanting to sell, nor does the seller have to pay any closing costs or real estate commissions for a realtor. When we buy houses Gainesville, it removes the stress within the house selling process and reduces the risk of the spread of COVID-19. Working directly with this company, removes the need to have a bunch of contractors, real estate professionals, and/or potential buyers having to enter the house. In fact, the company will even buy houses without having to enter the property at all by seeing the property virtually via a Zoom meeting. The Florida Department of Health and Center for Disease Control and Prevention has many guidelines for preventing further risk of spread of the virus to others.

When homeowners are wanting to sell their house and are unsure about which method is best for their situation, it’s recommended that they speak to a real estate professional to help get clarity on the options that they have. While working directly with a company based of a team of house buyers who buy houses for cash can be a great fit for many people who have the desire to “sell my house fast”, it’s not the best fit for everyone. Having a discussion with a trust-worthy company that will take the time to understand the seller’s needs and goals with selling their property is a valuable step to take when trying to decide which option is the best fit for the seller’s unique situation.

For further information about Sell My House FL and to discuss various options a homeowner can take with selling their house, contact Jarred Mussen at or check out the company website at Alternatively, Sell My House FL can be contacted directly at 352-499-1498. Sell My House FL offers free consultations so that homeowners who are wanting to sell their house can take the time to consider which option is the best fit for their house selling needs.

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Sell My House Fast in Gainesville FL

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