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Y Platform secures trust between consumer and brands in a way we just haven’t seen before. We’re transforming content, is not just a tool, but an actual asset that can help deliver trust driven growth”

— Nihat Arkan, Chief Executive Officer

COLOGNE, GERMANY, August 4, 2020 / — European tech start-up Yaliyomo has its sights set firmly on a revolution in content management with the launch of its new Content Management System – Y Platform, available worldwide from 22 July.

As the first tool for content management to fully incorporate blockchain technology, Y Platform promises full security, content transparency, and traceability by leveraging the platform’s ability to create an immutable record of every product or action in a value chain and giving companies total and complete oversight of their operation.

Speaking at the launch, Yaliyomo Chief Executive Nihat Arkan set out the benefits to business, saying, “Y Platform directly addresses new generation consumer demands around product traceability and secures trust between consumer and brand owner/retailer in a way we just haven’t seen before. We’re transforming content – so that it is not just a tool, but an actual asset that can help deliver trust driven business growth.”

Since establishing the company in Cologne in January 2020, Yaliyomo has rapidly developed the Y Platform, with investors from across Europe and the USA including Verum Capital and Techwave Consulting backing the brand.

A vital part of the company’s promise to clients is confidence in Y Platform’s Blockchain-based security credentials – especially important for firms worried about data security and external cybersecurity breaches.

Björn Bayard, explains, “By building Y Platform from the ground up with integrated blockchain technology, we’re providing a completely secure tool, with end-to-end accountability of product content. By guaranteeing the authenticity of a product and its provenance, Y Platform safeguards quality assurance and gives total transparency to content and processes in critical and sensitive industries. This guarantee has obvious and long-lasting benefits to firms that rely on trust with their consumers and with stakeholders in their value chain.”

The company is in discussion with firms in the luxury retail space, where this trust between consumer and retailer is fundamental and where enhanced trusted-content can quickly equate to millions in revenue gains. The company hopes their unique offering will also interest to brand owners and traditional retailers looking at ahead at post-COVID recovery strategies.

In addition to securing funding to fuel the next stage of corporate development, Yaliyomo has established a Global Advisory Board ( of Retail, Finance and Technology specialists. The board’s Chairman Jörg Pretzel, CEO of Symposium Feines Essen und Trinken emphasized the fact that Y’s unique platform is extremely important for brand owners and retailers to provide full content visibility (traceability) of the products they sell and enables brand owners/retailers to manage their products integrity and reputation

Y Platform is available today at

About Yaliyomo

Founded in Cologne, Germany by a duo of International entrepreneurs with over 50+ years of experience in global content and data management, Yaliyomo and our industry-leading Content Management Platform (CMP) Y™ answers the growing demand from consumers in a changing world, for full transparency and better traceability. New Generation Consumers are keen to know everything about the product they are purchasing and brand owners/retailers are interested to keep their products identity and integrity.

Yaliyomo’s platform helps brands to enable consumers to identify their products, trace it from the origin and validates the all attributes for building trust. Retailers working with the content that they securely receive and syndicate via Yaliyomo’s platform can keep all stakeholders accountable and transparent on the content by securely and storing it in the cloud and by leveraging the state of the art blockchain technology – an industry first for a CMP.
By storing information in a way where content is 100% secure, untenable, and fully traceable. Y™ helps brand owners and retailers market and sell their products and drives business growth by not only collecting, enriching and storing product content in a highly intuitive and centralised way, but also by demonstrating traceability and authenticity of a product to customers.

Whether a consumer is purchasing a luxury handbag, ethically sourced coffee or life-saving medicine, Yaliyomo and Y™ gives them confidence and authentic content that what they are buying is the real thing, every time.

Nihat Arkan – co-founder and CEO

Nihat has over 25 years of experience with Global Content Management, establishing and growing some of the World’s Largest Content Management companies as a CEO across three different continents.

With a particular focus on global expansion, market development, and proven track records guiding organisations through periods of accelerated growth, Nihat works with cross-functional teams to execute Yaliyomo’s vision, using innovative business approaches and implement cutting-edge technology solutions that drive growth and efficiency for our customers.

Björn Bayard – co-founder, COO and CIO

Björn has worked with Content and Master Data Management at multiple levels for over 20 years, including periods running self-deployed consultancy practices and over two decades experience in PIM (Product Information Management), MDM (Master Data Management) platforms and global expert in project implementations in the healthcare, chemical and CPG industries.
His passion is designing, building and deploying products – and is proud that one of his solutions – PIM / MDM Pool – is still being used by the world’s largest retailers and FMCG companies in their day to day operations to this day. He is focused on working with stakeholders and expert to ensure that YTM is aligned to their needs and continues to deliver the best solutions for brands and their customers.

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Source: EIN Presswire