Black-I Environmental Leverages Its 14 Years Experience in Robotic Systems to Tackle the Coronavirus Pandemic

Black-i Environmental’s PureTech hydrogen peroxide Covid19-fighting disinfectant robot from China. The robot has been fighting the coronavirus pandemic across the globe.

Black-I Environmental’s Covid19 fighter from China, the PureTech UV light disinfectant robot. The robot has been sterilizing indoor space in countries across the globe.

Starting from close to zero just two years ago, the growth in the use of robots to sterilize schools, offices, hospitals, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, gyms, sports venues and other indoor space has been astronomical.

New Disinfectant Robots from China Sterilize Schools, Hospitals, Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants and Other Indoor Space

We have years of experience working on mobile robotic vehicles with biologic, chemical and radiation sensing systems with governments and universities, including Princeton, Yale and Carnegie-Mellon.”

— Brian Hart, CEO

TYNGSBORO, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, September 29, 2020 / — Black-I Environmental Inc., is importing highly effective disinfectant robots from China to help stem the coronavirus pandemic and is raising funds to supplement core investors, according to Brian Hart, CEO.

Black-i Environmental is leveraging its 14 years of experience working on mobile robotic vehicles, some with biologic, chemical and radiation sensing systems, with the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and numerous universities, including Princeton, Yale, and Carnegie-Mellon, to bring automation to bear on the pandemic.

The capital raised is being used to import and service specialty disinfectant robots made in China. The robots successfully disinfect indoor spaces. Black-I’s robots, based on the company’s specifications and privately labeled under the PureTech brand, arrived in the U. S. this month and will be displayed at MassRobotics in Boston. Initial deliveries are going to one of the country’s leading professional cleaning companies, CleanCraft, in New York State.

CleanCraft is responsible for sanitizing 10 million square feet of office, university, and health care facilities. Once the operational protocols using the robots are refined by CleanCraft for the US market in order to destroy germs, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms and other pathogens, they will be made available through Black-I Environmental Inc., nationwide to professional cleaning companies, schools, hotel chains, owners of large office buildings, health care facilities, sports stadiums, distribution centers, retail stores and other venues affected by the coronavirus.

Black-I Environmental’s powerful PureTech robots are autonomous, meaning they move without human intervention and are programmed to disinfect exactly when and where needed, maneuvering effortlessly, safely within different, often complex indoor environments.

“Until the pandemic hit, most facilities were cleaned by workers equipped with rags, soap and scrubbers,” according to Hart. “Today, when these workers come to their jobs, they risk their own safety and the safety of their families. It was only a matter of time before cleaning companies, facility managers and others looked for technological fixes to this new and dangerous reality. If ever a device was designed to take down a virus, it’s a robot. Robots never get sick, never get tired, never take a day off.”

Black-I has designed and produced robots for more than a decade but chose to import the systems to bring them to market faster. “Development takes time, and the pandemic isn’t going to wait on us,” Hart says. “We did our research and identified the best robots built specifically to tackle the pandemic. In fact, we have two models to disinfect buildings – one that deploys a hydrogen peroxide mist and the other that uses ultraviolet light.”

Black-I Environmental is part of the Black-I Robotics family of robotic systems. Black-I Robotics is a privately held company funded primarily by a group of long-time core investors. The group raised funds for the coronavirus robot initiative in a recent internal round and then authorized the current funding initiative to bring in more growth capital. The company will follow up the pre-seed effort with a seed round intended to raise $1 million. Black-I Robotics’ management and corporate infrastructure will support Black-I Environmental for a year to maximize operational efficiencies and has created Black-I Environmental as a separate spin off to give investors a pure-play investment into disinfection robotics that a 21st century virus and 21st century technology has created.

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