Rong360 Jianpu Technology(NYSE:JT) Survey: Nearly Half of Respondents Are Ready for Spending during National Day Holiday

Change in Public Intention for Consumption during National Day Holiday

Reasons for Not Traveling during National Day Holiday

Jianpu Technology (NYSE:JT)

BEIJING, BEIJING, 中国, September 29, 2020 / —

As the last statutory holiday in 2020, the National Day Holiday will see not only a growing number of tourists, but also a surging number of people who are willing to spend more on tourism.

According to the survey of Rong360 Jianpu Technology (NYSE: JT), 35.15% of the respondents were willing to spend slightly more during the National Day Holiday this year; 12.38% of the respondents said they could afford a much more expensive holiday. This means that almost half of the respondents will scale up their consumption during the holiday this year, which is good news for the struggling tourism industry.

“2020 has been pretty tough on me: the pandemic, quarantine, breaking up with my girlfriend… I feel like I am going mad. During the upcoming holiday, I want to be nice to myself, spending money, having some fun…” Li Daiqiang in Tianjin looks a bit upset, saying that 2020 is a tough year for many people and he was one of those who want to escape from reality. For them, travel during the National Day Holiday would be a good choice, even if it means spending more.

In terms of the specific budget for travel, people willing to spend 20%-40% of their monthly incomes account for 41.09%; those who are willing to spend 40%-60%, 60%-80% or less than 20% of their monthly incomes account for 23.76%, 15.35% or 14.36% respectively; and those who would like to spend more than 80% of their monthly incomes account for only a trivial percentage.

In the wake of the pandemic, some schools of higher learning are still restricting their students from traveling

35.26% of the respondents said they would not travel during the National Day Holiday. So, what are the factors behind their decisions?

According to the survey, the major factors include “fear over the return of the pandemic”, “unwillingness to go to crowded places” and “the pandemic still ravaging the rest part of the world”, which are all related to the pandemic.

Considering the pandemic, Li Yu, a white collar based in Hangzhou, canceled her travel plan for the National Day Holiday and chose to go back to her hometown in Hebei with her husband and child(ren). “For me, the child(ren)’s health matters most. I don’t want to take the risk, so I choose to visit my parents with my child(ren).”

What’s more, a large number of schools adjusted their teaching schedules. Accordingly, the students have to stay on campus and prepare for extra class hours during the holiday. Many schools of higher learning will shorten the Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day Holiday for students, and some of them even plan to reduce the holiday to only one day, with the rest of the holiday carried over to the winter vacation.

On social platforms like Zhihu and Weibo, the debates once heated up on “Should schools of higher learning reduce the National Day Holiday?” “Schools of higher learning forbid their students to leave the city” and “Should higher schools adopt closed-end management?”

In this regard, the education authorities expect schools to make their respective schedules where appropriate. On August 27, Wang Dengfeng, Director of the Steering Group Office for Response to Covid-19 Pandemic, the Ministry of Education, pointed out at a press conference of the ministry that every school and local educational authority should make proper arrangements according to the particular local conditions and the requirements for Covid-19 prevention and control.

According to the survey, the post-80s are most willing to travel, as more than 70% of them have planned to travel during the National Day Holiday; more than 60% of the post-90s, post-70s and post-60s would like to travel during the holiday; only half of the post-00s, mainly students, plan to travel, as a result of the travel restrictions imposed by their schools.

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