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Peter Larsson

Peter Larsson

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and vendors alike are taking stock of a new way of trading industry knowledge.

NICOSIA, CYPRUS, October 28, 2020 / — is a fast-growing online forum for experts and beginners alike, with all its discussions centered on business-related topics ranging from the formation of offshore companies to complex international tax law. With the number of active users growing by about 5% every day, is poised to become the top online business forum in the world. Let’s take a closer look.

Who Visits the Forum?
Anyone interested in the world of business can join That means the site is a great place for new entrepreneurs, current professionals, and high-level experts alike. The result is a community unlike any other, where business insiders help each other navigate corporate life, fix problems, increase revenue, and find top-quality vendors like international financing institutions.

The forum is used by hundreds of visitors on a daily basis, and closed group threads are a common way for people in related industries to network and discuss issues specific to their businesses. Representatives of some of the leading service and consultancy firms in the world also frequent the forum, as’s database of vendors continues to grow.

An International Community is founded on the principles of liberalism proposed by philosopher John Locke. The goal is to uplift entrepreneurs across the world to achieve personal wealth and prosperity. As a community, the forum exists to foster the individual. The result is a smorgasbord of driven people from all across the globe, from the Republic of Georgia to China, from the United States to Australia.

This multilingual, multicultural community means that English does not have to be your primary language. There are plenty of daily visitors to the website who can assist entrepreneurs whose native tongue is not English. Plus, all data is collected and structured in an easily readable format by admins. No doubt ease of use is one of the reasons that so many business minds are flocking to the forum.
What Else Drives the Forum’s Growth?
When Brian Larsson bought the domain, his goal was to foster a community built around international business that would stand the test of time. After several years of revamping the site, his dream is coming true. But what is behind the steady, consistent growth experienced by the forum? There are many answers, but exposure is one. has reached out to several media outlets, such as TMCNet and the Good Men Project, gaining attention, traction, and buzz. Due to the nature of an online forum, more buzz means more visitors, which means the forum not only grows, but benefits from the additional insight each new visitor may bring.

Additionally, the sheer number of resources offered by attracts many users. Elite members and industry advertisers partner with the forum and reach out to entrepreneurs who have problems they can fix. The ethos of the forum is such that even when an advertiser’s product or service does not match what the user is looking for, they often suggest other vendors who may suit the situation better. In this way, as the saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”
Mentor Group Gold
Elite members of the forum are often part of Mentor Group Gold, a paid forum group that has access to additional perks. These include additional discussion threads, access to the website’s database of advertising vendors, and even discounts on goods and services provided by’s partners. While entry to the exclusive group is not free, members find that the discounts they receive pay for their membership many times over.

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