Results Announced for November 2020 Nasdaq CRD Global Sustainability Index

Alpha-seeking NQCRD Index powered by the SUSTCO Score Methodology

Nasdaq CRD Global Sustainability Index (NASDAQ:NQCRD)

NEW YORK, NY, USA, December 2, 2020 / — New York, December 2, 2020 — CRD Global, an industry leader in the next generation of investment analysis for a more sustainable future, has announced the results from the November 2020 semi-annual Performance Review for the Nasdaq CRD Global Sustainability Index (Nasdaq: NQCRD).

The Nasdaq CRD Global Sustainability Index (NASDAQ: NQCRD) is one of the leading global sustainability indexes. 400 global public companies are included in the index, all of which meet stringent performance requirements and demonstrate business strategies focused on long-term value creation, financial returns, responsible environmental performance, and positive societal impact.

CRD Global utilizes the SUSTCO Score, a unique hybrid scoring methodology that was specifically developed to facilitate well-informed investment decisions. This platform analyzes thousands of publicly traded companies that report environmental, social, governance (ESG) and financial performance data. Using the highest quality data sources, the SUSTCO Score methodology incorporates a series of algorithms that systematically filter and analyze leading and lagging indicators, resulting in a snapshot of actionable intelligence. CRD Global leverages both the predictive and prescriptive value of a single sustainability score to screen, rank, and reconstitute the alpha-seeking NQCRD Index.

Statement from Michael Muyot, CEO of CRD Global
“The global landscape of investing has changed dramatically since we first launched the Nasdaq CRD Global sustainability Index back in the summer of 2009. We are thrilled to see that most well recognized investment banks and asset managers have finally recognized the role of ESG integration into their analysis and portfolio decisions. However, the impact of their historical inaction requires more than what is currently being done. Our predictive analytics illustrates that the greatest challenges ahead are still being slow walked. It is not enough to report on the magnitude of carbon emissions, waste generated, executive compensation, and gender diversity for the biggest brands in the world. An absolute paradigm shift is required for the largest 10,000 public companies to dramatically improve their entire economic, environmental, and social footprint. Therefore, at the heart of our methodology, we focus on the most essential performance based ESG metrics that we have found to quantitatively move resources in highly impactful and sustainable ways. We no longer give companies credit simply for checking the box or having good risk management policies in place. They must unequivocally demonstrate both absolute and relative outperformance towards material improvements in environmental impact, economic equity, social mobility and human rights.”

Trends and Takeaways from the November 2020 Semi-Annual Performance Review
Analysis of the 2020 November Performance Review provides key insights into the sustainable business practices of the world’s top performing companies and trends in the investor community.

• Top Five Regions: The Eurozone and Scandinavia remain the leaders in companies leading across all ESG performance categories. The fastest growing regions were in APAC and the Middle East.
1) Western Europe 45% – 178 companies
2) North America 37% – 147 companies
3) Asia Pacific 11% – 45 companies
4) South Asia 5% – 21 companies
5) Eastern Europe 1% – 3 companies

• Top Five Countries of Domicile: The U.S. continues to dominate with the single most companies in NQCRD Index. However, this is comparable to all the countries added together in the Eurozone.
1) United States 31.3% – 125 companies
2) France 6.5% – 26 companies
3) Switzerland 4.8% – 19 companies
4) United Kingdom 4.8% – 19 companies
5) Germany 4.3% – 17 companies

• Top Five Sectors: The financial sector is twice in size to the nearest sector, industrials. The spread amongst the top 5 sectors has grown in distribution. The shift to tech-focused industries has been a key driver, especially due to COVID-19 and remote work requirements.
1) Financials 31% – 124 companies
2) Industrials 17% – 66 companies
3) Healthcare 14% – 55 companies
4) Technology 9% – 37 companies
5) Utilities 8% – 32 companies

The Nasdaq CRD Global Sustainability Index is evaluated on a semi-annual basis in May and November. The review analyzes more than 9,000 global public companies, resulting in a listing composite of 400 securities recognized as leaders in ESG and Financial performance. For more information about the Nasdaq CRD Global Sustainability Index, including detailed eligibility criteria, visit


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CRD Global is an industry leader in the Next Generation of Investment Analysis for a Sustainable Future. Formed over a decade ago with its historic launch of the first rules-based index, the Nasdaq CRD Global Sustainability Index, CRD Global continues to lead with the SUSTCO Score methodology for ranking, screening and optimizing ESG investment portfolios and research analysis. CRD Global's top tier strategic partners such as Nasdaq, Refinitiv, Fuzzy Logix and FFI allows for a comprehensive set of AI-based tech solutions with cutting edge financial and non-financial data to serve it's growing customer base in asset management, hedge funds and boutique investment firms. For more information, please visit:

SUSTCO is a leader in the universal measurement of global public companies’ ESG & Financial performance. Our scoring platform leverages AI-enhanced technology to generate automated reports, comparable scores, 0-5 star ratings and detailed ESG & Financial performance metrics for over 9000 global public companies. Using the highest quality data sources, the SUSTCO Score methodology incorporates a series of algorithms that systematically filter and analyze leading and lagging indicators, which result in a snapshot of valuable and actionable intelligence. Investors and asset managers leverage the predictive and prescriptive value of a single SUSTCO score to screen, rank and build alpha-seeking investable indexes, portfolios and analyses.

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