Amid Crushing Pandemic-related Financial Challenges, New Book Offers Plan on Avoiding Financial Disaster

Financial planning veteran, Scott B. Zuckerman, ChFC®, CFS®, CLU®, ChSNC®, releases tell-all financial education book – “Don’t Be A Financial Disaster”.

MELVILLE, NY, USA, January 21, 2021 / — Zuckerman announced today that his new book, Don’t Be a Financial Disaster, will be officially released during a Facebook Live event on Tuesday, January 26th, at 6:00pm EST.

To attend, visit In the book, Zuckerman sets out to change the narrative of impending financial disaster that many Americans face. He does this by providing advice from his professional experience and by including numerous worksheets to help readers through the process of financial planning.

Ironically, Zuckerman’s passion for financial planning grew out of an unexpected financial disaster of his own. Back in 1999, he eagerly launched an online business during the boom but found himself bankrupt, in debt, and struggling to support himself. Fortunately, he came across an opportunity to train as a financial planner, and made the career move that would change the trajectory of his life’s work forever.

Now, with over 12 years of experience and his own boutique financial planning services firm, Zuckerman is bringing his financial wisdom to the masses at a time when Americans need it most.

“I know how defeating it can feel to be operating without a financial plan to help you move beyond your current situation.” said Zuckerman. "But don’t underestimate the power of incremental change over time. You can reach your goals and dreams if you are smart.”

Organizing Your Financial Junk Drawer

In Don’t Be a Financial Disaster, Zuckerman likens the average American’s lack of process in financial planning to “developing a financial junk drawer” where financial records are only pulled for occasional use such as doing yearly taxes. Instead, Zuckerman advises that people actively work toward building wealth by following a financial planning approach that utilizes five main components which he details in the book.

Overall, Don’t Be a Financial Disaster is a financial planning book written “for everyone” and is intended to motivate and educate.

Said Zuckerman, “Keeping your financial life organized is not an easy task. [But], like anything you do in life, with proper goal setting, discipline, and strategic planning, you can accomplish anything."

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Don't Be A Financial Disaster

Source: EIN Presswire