A new airline worth over a $Billion before it’s first flight leaves the ground?

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An ultra-low-fare airline that chose private equity over debt and buy vs lease

I’m excited to share my vision for a BIG new airline, free of debt, well capitalized, passenger friendly and uniquely positioned in an industry forced to rapidly reshape itself.”

— Barry Michaels, Founder & CEO

BOCA RATON, FL, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — That’s right, Avatar Airlines, a Florida based startup plans to be valued at over $1B before its first flight leaves the ground. Like its operational plan, its financial plan is just as creative. Rather than base the company on on debt, Avatar plans to raise an capital through two subsequent private equity offerings totaling $800mm and follow it with an IPO within three to five years.

“The airline industry is facing unprecedented challenges due to the effects of COVID-19 which will undoubtedly be felt long after the pandemic is over. Our plan is different and I believe it will dramatically change the way airlines operate,” said Avatar’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer Barry Michaels.

Just one of the many areas that make Avatar different is it’s everyday, ultra-low fare (all seats, all flights $99 or less) for all 539 economy seats when purchased 30 days or more in advance. Add to this its multi-revenue streams, including external and in-flight advertising, cargo and partnerships with popular vacation destinations as well as several others..

“By exclusively operating a fleet of Boeing 747-400s, Avatar Airlines will open its sizable cargo doors to accommodate the projected rise in demand for cost-effective commercial hauling solutions, even after the pandemic recedes. The demand for shipping cargo was already sky-high before COVID-19, but the pandemic has put the squeeze on companies seeking cost-effective solutions to move their products quickly and efficiently from point to point,” said Michaels. “Using the extra space of 747s will allow Avatar to offer very competitive commercial hauling rates, in addition to ultra-low passenger fares.”

Avatar Airlines is different than any other airline and we’re so excited to share our entire story with you. Please click this link to accept our invitation for one of our webinars which will be followed by a live question and answer session.

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