" Perfect Storm" for Reverse Mortgages, says Mortgage Industry veteran, as he inks new lease for larger office

Florida's Reverse Mortgage Center inks deal to expand office space , driven by demand, "Perfect Storm" for Reverse Mortgage originators, says Rick Foxx

CLEARWATER , FL, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Florida's Reverse Mortgage Center inks deal to expand office space, driven by demand, "Perfect Storm" for Reverse Mortgage originators, says Rick Foxx

"The phones are literally ringing off the hook right now" said Foxx, of Florida's Reverse Mortgage Center(FLRMC) Record low interest rates, combined with record high home values, are the Perfect Storm for Reverse Mortgages. He continues "Expanding our office space during a National Pandemic, may seem crazy right now, with all the talk of businesses shutting down and a glut of office space. But I made the decision because we need to meet the needs of our Florida Senior Population"

When asked where the majority of the incoming calls were coming from, Mr. Foxx replied " Literally everywhere in Florida"

He continued : "Even some out-of-state buyer's are calling, asking about the Reverse Purchase program", a relatively unknow program requiring 60% down, but no monthly payments.

"We've got people calling that want to access their home equity , but couldn't get a loan from their bank for whatever reason."

"Then we have Seniors who are in 4.99% or higher rates, and they want to refi into a lower rate, and even increase their line-of-credit, because property values are so much higher than just 12 months ago. So it's either expand and lean into the demand for this product , or sit back. And I'm not one to sit back" he chuckled.

"We're well-funded, so we can advise Seniors the right way – we've had callers that we talk to, and at the end of the conversation, maybe a Reverse Mortgage isn't right for them – so there's no pressure, nor do I allow my Loan Officers to act in anything but the client's best interests"

"After 26 years in the Mortgage business, I can say the business has been very good to me. If a mortgage isn't the right fit for a client, we advise against it. This might hurt short-term revenue, but it sure helps with referrals. I think we ultimately get a lot more through business by being straightforward and telling it like it is. When people are treated fairly, the referrals just flow naturally "

Reverse Mortgages have been all over the news as of late, with interest in Reverse Purchase Mortgages and Reverse Mortgage refinances and Reverse Purchase Mortgages at an all-time high.

Local and trusted, Florida’s Reverse Mortgage Center are licensed experts who help seniors access tax-free cash quickly & confidentially, even if they have poor credit or income issues. Over 25 years in the business, CEO Rick Foxx leveraged his experience and direct knowledge to create this first-class company, and to write his first-class book, "Reverse Mortgages Made Simple".

Mr. Foxx concluded:

"My hope is we can reach seniors in our great state of Florida and get them the Reverse Mortgage information they are clamoring for in a format they are comfortable with."

In October 2020, Rick Foxx, CEO of Florida’s Reverse Mortgage Center, announced the release of his third book: "Reverse Mortgages Made Simple: Your guide to the NEW Reverse Mortgage and Retirement Security – Shattering the Myths, Misconceptions and Confusion about Reverse Mortgages!"

Promising to bring clarity and knowledge to what is often a confusing subject, "Reverse Mortgages Made Simple" distills all the information and dispels the myths surrounding reverse mortgages in a way that anyone can understand with ease.

"The book is available on Amazon right now, but we are working closely with our webmaster, to get the PDF copy of the book set up on an auto-responder email. We've got the form up at www.FLRMC.net now, and we mail out a free copy of the paperback book, but we want to be able to send a PDF copy instantly – callers want info NOW, so we're going to make it happen, period" said Foxx.

Learn more about Florida's Reverse Mortgage Center at www.FLRMC.net or by calling 727-388-5235.

Rick Foxx is the founder of the Foxx family of companies, including Foxx & Associates Real Estate, Foxx & Associates Mortgage and Florida's Reverse Mortgage Center. He has been an active Real Estate & Mortgage Broker for 26 years.

"Reverse Mortgages Made Simple" is available digitally and in paperback form.


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