DGY Finds Architectural Gem in the Center of Podil – La Manche Club House Is an Exclusive Project

DGY, a real estate investment company, has come across one very curious investment deal that introduces entrepreneurs to a wide variety of financial benefits.

KYIV, UKRAINE, June 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — DGY, an international real estate investment management company, has come across one very curious investment deal that introduces entrepreneurs to a wide variety of financial opportunities and benefits.

On February 11, 2021, the company started its cooperation on the La Manche complex, providing professional management services to investors and coordinating their cooperation with the complex. The representatives of DGY were excited about the La Manche investment deal as it’s exceptionally beneficial with its numerous advantages.

In the La Manche complex, the prices for apartments range between $2071 and $2597 per 1 sq.m. That being said, the pricing system of the complex is favorable and will thus largely appeal to avid investors.

Another attractive benefit of the deal is the additional 1-2% from DGY to the existing discount range, making it more appealing than house investing. With the first payment of 30%, the discount is 2%. With the initial payment of 50%, the discount increases to 5%, while with the first installment of 70%, the discount is 8%. With 100% payment, the discount remains 8%.

With a choice of payment options and the balances only due in the fall of 2023, this is exactly what makes investing in real estate even more beneficial to entrepreneurs.

The complex features a plethora of benefits that will please both investors and potential buyers. With La Manche, buyers get to see a magnificent view of the Dnipro river and Podil, one of the most eye-pleasing districts of Kyiv. Next to it, there’s the famous synagogue – the Great Choral Synagogue. There’s a playground for kids in the complex’s area, a school, and a kindergarten within a 4-minute walk of La Manche. The complex will be completed in the spring of 2023 and be ready for rent in the fall of 2023. The expected monthly rent is $1250-1700.

DGY is a real estate investment and property management company that provides a complete spectrum of real property investing business services. Among the service DGY delivers, there are:
Property acquisition;
Property renovation;
Property management;
Property design services

With DGY, the process of investing in real estate and then getting an impressive income is simple and devoid of anything that could get in the way of your financial success as an investor.

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