Neha Malepati Awarded Aspire2STEAM Scholarship

Neha Malepati, Aspire2STEAM Scholarship Recipient scholarship program

An engaged and involved sophomore, Neha is studying computer science at Cornell University’s College of Engineering

Aspiring startup creator seeks to develop initiatives that close gap between tech and humanity

I hope to research engineering communication curriculums at different colleges to develop a framework that universities can use to better provide for their students.”

— Neha Malepati

DES MOINES, IOWA, UNITED STATES, October 28, 2021 / — “Having launched a few startups myself, I know the level of passion, subject matter expertise, and grit you need to bring a new business into the world,” said Cheryl O’Donoghue, CEO at “Neha has what it takes along with a strong desire to solve real problems many humans experience because they simply don’t have access to life-changing technologies. She’s already taking impressive strides forward and we’re thrilled to support her with this scholarship.”

Neha is currently a member of Cornell App Development (AppDev)—a project team at Cornell University dedicated to mobile and web app development. She also serves as a youth advisor for innovative startups that seek to create a more inclusive space on the internet for other youth.

A sophomore, Neha is studying computer science at Cornell University’s College of Engineering. In addition to her coursework, she is actively securing funding for an international engineering communications research initiative.

“Similar to how science communication revolutionized the scientific field, I hope to research engineering communication curriculums at different colleges to develop a framework that universities can use to better provide for their students,” said Neha Malepati. “Considering this is a relatively new field, I believe this research could have a profound impact.”

Having impact is at the center of Neha’s being. She’s already put into motion her plan to create a sustainable startup centered around emerging technologies, and ultimately plans to make that her full-time job when she graduates. She hopes to spearhead initiatives like municipal broadband to help towns gain agency or make research in new technological fields available. Said Neha, “My ultimate goal is to close the gap between technology and humanity, and I strongly believe in fostering a company where people of different backgrounds, abilities, and identities come together to better themselves, each other, and the world around them.”

A pivotal life experience for Neha was being Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Student Agencies, Inc.—the oldest independent student-run company in the nation which was founded in 1894. Student Agencies, Inc. is made up of seven companies, six of which are completely student run. With everything from shipping and storage to digital marketing and consulting, the company offers its student managers a diverse range of practical experiences, providing a great variety of valuable services to the Ithaca, NY and Greater Tompkins Community.

While serving as Student Agencies, Inc.’s CTO, Neha was the only technology person on the leadership team and tackled all technology-related initiatives. She created digital marketing campaigns with the Director of Marketing, maintained phonelines and hardware in the office, ensured digital security with the company’s accounts and licenses, managed seven different business websites, and spearheaded new technological initiatives, including a digital customer database and productivity software.

Another benefit of her experience working at Student Agencies was that Neha strengthened further an important leadership attribute. “I improved my communication skills as I had to break down my work to nontechnical peers,” said Neha. “This helped me develop leadership skills by taking ownership of technical projects.”

Neha is also a General Electric Dare to Lead Scholar. In addition to attending an engineering leadership seminar through the program, she completed a special project focused on Diversity and Inclusion.

In her free time, Neha loves to code, read, bake, and watch stand-up comedy. She enjoys stand-up so much that she sent in an application to speak on the topic to the organizers of the international Impact Labs’ Annual Summit—a gathering of talented and passionate students and early-career technologists from around the world. Neha was selected as 1 of 16 featured speakers from over a thousand applicants.

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