Build Back Better – Hallmark Solicitors is Helping UK Employers Build a more Resilient Workforce in Post-Brexit Economy

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#ukbusiness immigration #becomingalicensedsponsor #skilledworkervisas

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#ukbusiness immigration #becomingalicensedsponsor #skilledworkervisas

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Hallmark Solicitors a Specialist Commercial Law Firm is Helping UK Employers Navigate the Licensing Procedure under New Government Skilled Worker Visa Scheme.

UNITED KINGDOM, November 3, 2021 / — Hallmark Solicitors – 0800 037 1305 – announces the launch of complimentary legal consultations for companies and their human resources department seeking support and guidance in navigating the licensing procedure for the new skilled worker visas which came into effect for EU nationals who wish to come to the UK to following the closure of the EU Settlement Scheme earlier this summer.

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This latest announcement by Hallmark Solicitors is aimed at assisting UK companies in understanding the process of the becoming licensed sponsor as well as the renewal process so that they are able to recruit from a wider pool of skilled candidates which will in turn enable more companies combat the recent supply chain issues which has arisen in the UK largely as a result of the twin factors of the COVID-19 Pandemic and BREXIT which occurred more or less simultaneously.

Hallmark Solicitors has launched this new initiative aimed at assisting employers understand the licensing process under the new Skilled Worker Visa system which will be taking place throughout the month of November and December 2021. Sessions are limited and will be allocated on first come, first serve basis.

As the UK continues its emergence from the shadows of the COVID-19 Pandemic the economy has struggled to return to “business as usual” as it has been hit by labour shortages such as the recent shortage of HGV drivers which caused a severe shortage of fuel leading to a fuel crisis during which emergency workers were unable to get to places of work.

Following Brexit, the UK Government introduced skilled work visa scheme. Under this scheme, any organisation that wishes to employ a foreign highly skilled workers must obtain a Skilled Worker Visa Sponsorship Licence, previously known as the Tier 2 (General) Sponsorship Licence. Once it is an approved sponsor licence holder, the organisation can then recruit overseas workers. This now includes EU citizens who are without leave to remain the UK under the EU Settlement Scheme.

In order to obtain a Skilled Worker Sponsorship Licence, the organisation must demonstrate to the Home Office that it is an organisation operating lawfully in the UK, that it has relevant Human Resource processes and systems in place and that it has a genuine need for a Skilled Worker sponsor licence.

To assess whether an organisation has a genuine need for a sponsor licence, the Home Office will either expect to see evidence of future plans that involve the need to recruit individuals with specialist skills that are not always available within the resident labour market, or it will expect to see evidence that there is a genuine vacancy for employment.

Speaking on this topic recently, the Managing Directors and Principal Solicitor at Hallmark Solicitors, Uche Akali said “from the Firm’s anecdotal observations, not many employers are aware of the new Skilled Worker Visa and how they might be able to fill skilled worker vacancies within their companies and this is crippling many businesses resulting in a sluggish supply chain which was left reeling by BREXIT and then the Pandemic”. She continued by saying “that employers needn’t be hesitant in applying to become licensed sponsors”.

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One satisfied client said: “Hallmark Solicitors has been very professional and helpful. They have kept us up to date with progress well and explained all the information in a way that was easy to understand.”

This update is in line with Hallmark Solicitor’s commitment to providing corporate clients with the legal services they need to grow their business and to ensure that all bases have been covered.

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