New Book, The Reinvention Sprint, reveals The Fastest Way To Reinvent A Business Profitably Without Spending A Fortune

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The Reinvention Sprint Book by Nils Vesk

How to Rethink and Rebuild Your Business Risk Free

The rules have changed. It’s now a level playing field, and everyone can reinvent and relaunch themselves and their businesses.”

— Nils Vesk

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In his highly anticipated new book, THE REINVENTION SPRINT: The Fast-Track Method to Rethink and Rebuild Your Business (Ideas with Legs Books; ISBN 978-0-6481716-2-1), Nils Vesk introduces The Reinvention Sprint, a powerful, self-help roadmap to reinvent a business to get rapid results.

“Reinvention has come back into the business consciousness: before the Corona Virus, the common belief was that only agile tech-based businesses could reinvent themselves” Vesk says. “Now the playing field has changed. Anyone can reinvent their business, big or small. THE REINVENTION SPRINT could be the roadmap you need.” Vesk says.

Vesk stresses how many businesses require a reinvention “More businesses have failed in the last 12 months than during the previous 12 years. While a financial bailout may have helped delay their demise, it’s not going to drive their recovery. What’s missing is assistance in how to adapt and reinvent a business rapidly and at minimal risk.” He says.

“No matter how dire your situation, it’s always possible to reinvent. Quickly, profitably, and at minimal risk. ” Vesk writes. “The one big idea I want to share with you is that rapid reinvention requires radical thinking that rises above reactivity, yet radical does not necessarily mean risky.”

Vesk is an engaging professional speaker, and a sought-after innovation consultant whose clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small startups. He has spoken in over 17 countries around the world. His client list has included HP, Nestle’, and IBM, to name just a few.

A Reinvention Sprint is how we accomplish what Vesk calls a “rapid risk-free pivot”. When we adopt a “rapid risk-free approach”, we are mindful of solving problems that people are willing to pay for a solution, we are generating ideas on an entirely new level of thinking, and we “see obstacles as stepping stones to success”.

THE REINVENTION SPRINT uses proven battle-tested tactics that clearly maps the way to reinvent in clear incremental steps. Readers will answer the following questions:

Why should you reinvent?
Vesk shares that “The U.S. Small Business Administration stated in 2020 that there are 31.7 million small businesses in the USA, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that roughly 20% will fail in the first year. That’s 6.34 million businesses that fail each year that could have been saved by a business reinvention.” “Attempting to innovate or change a business can be intimidating to any business leader, and that’s why so few ever innovate and reinvent, even if it means the imminent death of their business,” says Vesk.

“We know what reinvention is, we’ve heard of big companies like Netflix that have done it, but too few know how to do it. Small business owners and big business leaders alike suffer from market disruption and poor results. And even if you aren’t facing them right now, you will face them in the future.”

The risks, if you don’t reinvent, can be severe cautions Vesk “Financial ruin, loss of professional reputation, the end of a career, plus life-threatening stress are in the cards”.

Vesk stresses that “The Reinvention Sprint is more than just pivoting. A reinvention sprint can help you to navigate through a disruption to come out on top. To shift you from feeling anxious to feeling confident and assuming a leading position in your market.”

What is a Reinvention Sprint?
Vesk defines a Reinvention Sprint as a rapid rethink of solving problems, reimagining alternative solutions, and quickly testing and launching a solution. And Vesk says a Reinvention Sprint is “An action we can take in response to capitalize on disruption, or to initiate a major industry disruption for commercial gain.”

The author asks us to consider emerging trends that we can capitalize on, discover what our customers genuinely want, and then start using his unique idea generation techniques to create practical, money-making business ideas that drive results. Vesk knows that risk is one of the biggest obstacles and gets us to quickly test and assess which solution our customer is willing to pay the most for to eliminate risk and start profiting fast. Finally, Vesk gets us to create a growing community of cashed-up customers and helps us to launch our new solution to the world.

To help bring to life each section, Vesk includes successful reinvention stories, a fictional allegory of two business leaders in the process of reinventing their business, a consistent step-by-step system, and several hacks to speed up the process.

How do we do implement a Reinvention Sprint?
Vesk walks readers through how to reinvent rapidly and at minimal risk covering insight generation, idea generation, validating our ideas, building and launching a completed reinvention. While some of Vesk’s approach follows a similar path to proven innovation methods, what’s unique is his hacks for dealing with the reader’s most common obstacles for each chapter. He provides a shortcut solution to deal with each block, increasing the reader’s confidence and ability to maintain momentum when the inevitable obstacles appear. His short solutions range from practical, proven psychology techniques to hacks he’s road test with thousands of clients over the years. Vesk’s Practical To Do Activities, in each and every chapter, make it easy and fun to start reinventing.

Ultimately, THE REINVENTION SPRINT is more than a road map to reinvention. It helps readers tackle real-life obstacles that stop us from creating and executing brilliant commercial ideas. “I want to help ordinary people create and realize extraordinary ideas that can change lives, industries, and who knows, maybe even the world,” Vesk says. When will you start your reinvention sprint?”

About Nils Vesk
Nils is the founder of the innovation agency Ideas with Legs, which provides innovation training and consulting to some of the world’s leading organizations and fastest-growing startups.

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