Business Reporter: Patient data is the key to unlocking cancer cures, says start-up OncoCoinTM

OncoCoinTM, a new Ecosystem for cancer patients and researchers, is seeking to transform cancer research and patient participation through its app, CURIATM.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 8, 2021 / — In an Industry View piece published on Business Reporter, blockchain start-up OncoCoinTM talks about how the lack of real-world data (RWD) is setting back cancer research and what cutting-edge technology can do to fill in this gap. OncoCoinTM is an Ecosystem that seeks to empower patients to be more involved in managing their cancer journey through accuracy, unbiased information, and resources. Furthermore, the Ecosystem seeks to contribute a solution to the age of question of a cure for cancer, by accelerating cancer research through digital means.

Two major issues exist in cancer care which OncoCoinTM is seeking to solve. Firstly, 70% of patients report not feeling adequately in formed1 during their cancer journey. This is a significant problem, as uninformed patients are not empowered to make decisions about their cancer care, and are less likely to advocate for their health. The second problem: drug discovery is moving too slowly to bring cures for patients who need them now. The likelihood of approval for an oncology therapy is as low as 3.3%,2 meaning many resources are wasted and therapies do not reach patients who need them most.

OncoCoinTM is seeking to provide an integrated solution to both these problems. Through the app CURIATM, patients can participate virtually in clinical research and surveys, run by researchers through the app to fill data gaps and accelerate drug discovery. Through blockchain, existing Real World Data can be anonymously licensed to research institutions, protecting the patient’s privacy. Furthermore, using AI, coupled with a human team of experts, the Ecosystem provides patients a comprehensive and tailored overview of their options for treatments, clinical trials, and experts. Patients can also get a second opinion, and communicate with similarly diagnosed patients to share experiences.

“Models show that by using AI, combined with patient Real World Data, throughout the clinical development process from target identification to approvals, we can increase the likelihood of success of a therapy tenfold. This has the potential to significantly accelerate bringing therapies to patients who need them most.” underscored OncoCoinTM’s CEO, Ashwin Rathod.

To learn more about OncoCoin and the blockchain’s use case in cancer research and treatment, click here.

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OncoCoin AG is a Cancer Ecosystem for patients and researchers and provides patients with the opportunity to participate equitably in cancer research, driving forward cures for cancer. Its CuriaTM application has already empowered a community of over 350,000 cancer patients, families, and friends with individualized and unbiased information on treatments, clinical trials, and experts.

•• References ••

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2. Heem Wong C, Wie Siah K, Lo AW. (2016). Part 1: What Are the Chances of Getting a Cancer Drug Approved?.

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