Yes Queen! Finally, Diversity has arrived in the Metaverse

82% of LGBTQIA+ people say they have faced abuse in crypto communities that has limited their involvement and investment.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2021 / — Yes Queen Club (YQC), a creative collective, is excited to announce the release of 10,000 LGBT+ themed collectibles to launch its mission to bring much needed diversity and inclusion to the cryptocurrency and metaverse worlds.

YQC Founder, Thiago Guerra, comments, “Yes Queen Club envisions a Metaverse that includes Queer Spaces where we can share our experiences, history and talents without fear of bigotry.”

Thomas Scovell, global brand strategist and Chief Marketer for YQC said, “Cryptocurrencies and metaverse technologies are creating a new world, unbound by the restrictions of the past and offer a global opportunity to create fairer financial and more social opportunities for all. But without the involvement of minorities of all types, they risk representing the worst of today’s systems. It is important that now, in this early phase, diversity & inclusion is put at the core, and YQC will be an important part of advocating for that.”

The Diversity Standards Collective, a London based agency specialising in researching diverse audiences, were commissioned to quantify the problem and found that amongst themes of rampant bigotry in these communities, [insert] % have faced abuse that has caused them to hide their identity or leave communities entirely in [insert] % of cases. 86% rated it very important that communities were accepting of diversity but only 7% believed this was the case.

Designed by Brazilian designer Pati Aquarela, as a positive statement of visibility, each NFT character is unique and allows community members to find something that represents them for use in the evolving metaverse worlds and in social media spaces. Designer Aquarela said, “In a sea of hetero-cliches like wizards and apes I wanted to create something that was truly representative. The exciting thing about a collection such as this is the variety that can be created. In a digital world where pride marches can’t go – these NFTs are the pride symbol of today.”

YQC is committing 10% of initial sales and resales (NFTs provide a percentage of the secondary sale price back to the original owner) to LGBTQIA+ charities chosen by the community. This will be the first step in creating a financially self-sustaining community organisation (DAO) whose mission is to ensure all cryptocurrency and metaverse projects are designed with inclusivity in mind.

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Contact: Chris Gregorio (Community Manager)
About “Yes Queen Club” (YQC)

Yes Queen Club is a global creative collective with members as far afield as Brazil, New Zealand and the USA. With a mission to bring diversity and inclusion to the crypto and metaverse worlds that are shaping the future of our economy and our society to ensure they are built fit for everyone.

Twitter: @yesqueenclub

About “The Diversity Standards Collective” (DSC)

DSC offers brands, from CocaCola to Microsoft, and their agencies the opportunity to get behind the data and closer to diverse intersectional individuals. Ensuring in-house thinking and outgoing campaigns are crafted around the varying preferences of modern consumers.

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Yes Queen Club

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