Erik Bethel, Former World Bank Director, urges Importance of Real-World Purpose of Cryptocurrencies on “Ensuring Crypto”



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Erik Bethel

NSUR  Erik Bethel Ensuring Crypto

Ensuring Crypto w guest Erik Bethel

Bethel and NSUR Inc. CEO Mark Peters discuss what the industry can do to prevent over regulation on "Ensuring Crypto" podcast

So I think… it’s incumbent upon the crypto community, to have products that make sense. That are not designed to be scams and, and to be speculative, but rather that serve a real purpose.”

— Erik Bethel, Former World Bank Director

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, November 11, 2021 / — On “Ensuring Crypto”, Erik Bethel, former World Bank Director and current advisor to NSUR Inc.(, lays out why having crypto with real-world uses and purpose is essential. The podcast covers everything from preventing over-regulation, to easing fears of new users and preparing for everything to be digitized. Bethel joined Mark Peters, NSUR Inc CEO and podcast host, this week to discuss how to ensure the future of Cryptocurrency.

“I think if you have a lot of speculation… and people lose a lot of money, it’s only going to encourage the regulators to take a ham-fisted approach, and…. Fix it by banning stuff.” Bethel declared. He continued, “So I think… it’s incumbent upon the crypto community, to have products that make sense. That are not designed to be scams and, and to be speculative, but rather serve a real purpose.”

NSUR Inc. is a health and wellness focused network and loyalty rewarding platform, that recently launched NSUR Coin, the first and only deflationary, high-utility crypto token backed by a purchase price protection program. NSUR Coin allows users to buy real-world products with true value, while the NSUR Value Protection Program provides shelter amidst the volatility of the crypto market.

“By offering real-world goods and services through the NSUR platform we’re giving newer users a tangible and secure experience that removes some of the hesitancy of getting into crypto,” explained Mark Peters, CEO of NSUR Inc.

NSUR Coin can be used to buy an array of goods and services from health and wellness providers to gift cards and unique products through the NSUR Merchant Network. Scheduled to debut December 1, 2021, the network will initially offer access to 10 retailers with more being on-boarded regularly.

The full “Ensuring Crypto” podcast where Bethel and Peters cover a multitude of hot topic issues in the Crypto community can be found on Stitcher, Amazon Music, Spotify and Apple Play. Highlights and condensed versions will be released on the NSUR blog. The first of the two-part interview with Erik Bethel was published on Thursday, November 11, 2021. The second part is scheduled for Monday, November 15th.

About “Ensuring Crypto”:
Ensuring Crypto is a bimonthly podcast exploring the future of the world of crypto. NSUR Inc. CEO Mark Peters speaks with advocates, practitioners and influencers about their perspective on all things crypto with a focus on what is needed to support the continued adoption of innovations. The podcast can be found on Stitcher, Amazon Music, Spotify and Apple Play.

Erik Bethel is a financial professional with more than 25 years of private equity and investment banking experience in Latin America and Asia. In 2018, he started a two-year term representing the US to the World Bank. At the World Bank, Bethel promoted multiple initiatives including spearheading the use of new technologies such as AI and blockchain and streamlining World Bank operations. Bethel is currently a Distinguished Fellow at Chamber of Digital Commerce. Erik is a recognized expert on Chinese investment and financial activities in the Latin American region, including having a deep knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

NSUR is a high-utility, rewarding platform that protects NSUR Coin token holders from loss of value via the Value
Protection Program. NSUR’s focus is on health and wellness. NSUR Coin is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain. The utility token acts as a bridge between merchants who provide health and wellness goods and services (think telemedicine, insurance, supplements, prescriptions, etc.) and users who require these items.

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Erik Bethel on Ensuring Crypto

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