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BitShares – a few steps away from Public IPO

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PATTAYA, ชลบุรี — CHON BURI, THAILAND, November 18, 2021 / — "Introduction to BitShares Corporate (re)structure"

In 2021, BitShares underwent a huge corporate restructuring and transformation. Milos (Digital Lucifer) Preocanin, held long discussions in 2020 about trading profits, equity market opportunities, and potential leveraging of the #covid19 #pandemic as alternative investment vehicles which could add real-world value to BitShares as a corporation. Global incorporation took place under the "BitShares" brand name with full approval by Move Institute, Slovenia, the domain and EU Trademark owner.

Applying a layer of central management is a first for the BitShares project, which was born in July 2014. This layer aims to pave the way for carrying out operations as a business (not just an Internet/Crypto project). Central management is necessary in order to meet the goals of the founders who had been with the project until now – to get licenses, approvals, and regulatory green lights for exchanges and digital asset trading platforms or other DeFi related activities mapped out as the corporation's core technology and services offering. Furthermore, many types of traditional investment asset and other types of business vehicles are being run alongside.

BitShares Management Group (BTSMG), established in Thailand, has as its main objective to grow value as the main "mother-ship" and center of operations, through purchased assets, acquired subsidiary companies, rare items, etc.

"REITs on Blockchain"

Anyone who has explored the different types of asset management and investment products beyond stocks and shares will be familiar with REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). Of course these make ideal candidates for blockchain versions. The BitShares blockchain brings very granular accounting management. This makes the amount of token staked per account simple to monitor and manage. BitShares Management Group Limited has been purchasing properties at large discounts from broken debts, utilizing a system in Thai law known as "Kai Faak". Although it is not officially a REIT, it is an analogy to what BTSMG are doing through the acquisition of assets – effectively creating a REIT managed through BTSMG's own staking program.

Acquisition of real-world physical assets underwrites the staked funds and assets and creates channels for those real-world assets to also make further returns. Assets with characteristics of exclusivity, uniqueness, high-demand, and/or rarity will be kept for period a minimum of 2 years, and will be held until they can be re-sold at a much higher value. These assets are not only properties of realty industry, but also art, cars, and even shops or other businesses. Nothing is based on any speculation or profits without first obtaining real-world value that can finally define the value of each blockchain. Seldom seen by any cryptocurrency or blockchain project is ensuring a real-world value, without the "thin air" speculation so common in the industry. BitShares is a cutting-edge, innovative Distributed Ledger Technology-based solution that combines real-world asset management businesses with cutting-edge, innovative Distributed Ledger Technology-based solutions.
BTSMG has determined this path to progress, by fusing real-world asset management business with cutting edge, innovative Distributed Ledger Technology based solutions named BitShares.

The End Goal:

BTSMG is performing all of this for one larger aim. That is to join the Thai stock market (SET) – as an IPO, not an ICO. The BitShares core dev team is in the process of developing a private fork of the technology as the SET, SEC,and Government in general will not allow publicly the tech to be presented until approved. With its inbuilt exchange capabilities and "BitShares Mint" token factory, the BitShares team are 100% certain their technology has what it takes. They'll seek SEC approval to propose the highly scalable and performant platform as a Digitized Stock Exchange that will PEG the entire Thai Stock Exchange in real-time. Many stock exchanges globally, especially in emerging markets, are seeking a DLT based replacement to their traditional setups. Only the corporate presence, licenses, and brand presence were missing until now to bring this vision forward for BitShares. Finally, in 2021, it's happening – a blockchain/DLT platform with serious industrial applicability (using the logic of LMAX) is engaging with global businesses.

This sums up how BTSMG will soon be applying for transformation into a public company, registering stock based on technology behind REIT and DSE. $3,000,000.00 USD is needed in total to finalize this process as high-value asset purchases with valuation at $2,000,000.00 USD and $1,000,000 USD are a must to satisfy the requirements of SET when it comes to public company (stock) in Thailand.


Even though we are nearing the end of 2021 and the BitShares team is not done with the end goal for this year, we have to keep in mind the BitShares community rejected and refused any private or public offer for investment of any kind in the past 15 months. To preserve independence and never again encounter plutocracy and other kinds of influence as part of the governance within the tech sector, the only way was to be self-funded. There will be one joint venture which will be allowed to invest in return for a portion of stock units once it comes to IPO finalization – look for more details in upcoming press releases. Management and ownership of the brand will remain independent and 100% in the hands of true BitShares maximalists.

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Source: EIN Presswire