Former Child Refugee Launches New Scholarship Program for UK Refugees and Homeless People

Please contact us first so that we can determine if there are any usable items to be re-purposed before any scrap recycling takes place…”

— SocialBox.Biz

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, November 18, 2021 / — The program presents an Opportunity for schools, colleges, universities, local councils, and other large organizations to help collect old but still usable technology and encourage students to learn how to work together, collaborate with others and offer support.

Scholarships for Refugees and Homeless People in the UK is an initiative created by SocialBox.Biz, a community interest company. The program was developed to help underprivileged refugees, and homeless people get back on their feet, move into permanent accommodations, and access funds for education. It will be launched in November 2021 by Peter Paduh, chairman of SocialBox.Biz and former child refugee.

The program aims to create batches grants and allocate the funds for tuition fees and expenses for homeless people and people from a refugee background to pay for training and courses. SocialBox.Biz, in partnership with a Homeless charity, will pay for identified clients’ education.

Scholarships for Refugees and Homeless People gathers old no longer needed but still usable laptops and other tech upgrading it so some of the suitable items can be used by those in need. Other usable technology is used for fundraising making the whole initiative sustainable. Building up the volumes of items collected and ongoing participation from organisations contributing items is important.

The University of Surrey has already contributed hundreds of usable items including laptops and routers. Once a total of 5,000 approved items has been reached, funds will be paid to the participating partner charity. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has teamed with us by contributing more than 50 usable items already including laptops and monitors. In addition, Greater London Authority has also agreed to team with us and will be donating laptops and equipment that were previously no longer needed but still usable.

“We’re grateful for this generous support from the University of Surrey, the Mayor of London and The Federation of Small Businesses in our mission to provide access to working computers and the internet that is increasingly essential for job hunting, support, and other services we all now take for granted. Without digital access, people already in need can be locked out of modern society. We’re now looking for more local partners to help us upgrade and reuse old kit and direct it to the people who need it,” said Peter Paduh, Chairman of SocialBox.Biz

“With Scholarships for Refugees and Homeless People, we want to maximize social impact by reusing instead of recycling all old, no longer needed technology that is still usable, tech. By teaming up with local communities and schools, we can help make education accessible for underprivileged refugees. As a former child refugee myself, this is a cause I am extremely passionate about, and I am eager to be able to give back to the community and help refugees like myself.”

FSB National Vice Chair Melanie Ulyatt said: “Sustainability and social responsibility are core to FSB’s ethos and we’re always looking at introducing new operational practices that can make a real difference. As an SME ourselves, we hope to also inspire our small business members to consider what they can do. Our research shows that small businesses are committed to having a positive social environmental impact and are really embedded within their communities. We hope many of our members may now also get involved with the initiative if they can.”

This is an excellent opportunity for participating schools, colleges, universities, local councils, and other large, small and medium organizations to help those who have nothing and cannot afford any further education. Participants will learn valuable lessons about collaboration and helping others. Schools that collect the largest quantity of items will win an additional press release and a photo with the SocialBox.Biz team, charity partner team, and beneficiaries from the scholarship.

The funds provided through Scholarships for Refugees and Homeless People will broaden the opportunities to get back on their feet and integrate into British society.

The Scholarships for Refugees and Homeless People campaign does not replace a regular recycling contract. We ask that any organization that may have material being replaced contact us first so that we can determine if there are any usable items to be re-purposed before any scrap recycling takes place. This way, we can keep the whole process as sustainable as possible.

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Source: EIN Presswire