KB Lancaster Securities New AI Platform Generates Rich Data Insights for Enhanced Portfolio Construction

SEOUL, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, April 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — As individuals seek advice for weathering the current volatile investing environment, KB Lancaster Securities today announces the launch of a leading-edge AI platform that generates the data and insights they need to better understand their client's needs and enhance portfolio construction.

"Record levels of market uncertainty have made it critical for our wealth advisors to have a full, accurate view of our client's assets and offer enhanced investment portfolios. During this volatile time, our clients still expect accurate, insightful advice when they require it, and our new AI platform prepares our wealth managers with a deeper, holistic view of their assets and projected investment opportunities." said William Price who heads up the Corporate Asset Management department at KB Lancaster Securities.

The new AI platform uses advanced data analytics along with fully integrated workflows to automate and streamline processes, lower operational costs, and assist with enhanced investment portfolio creation.

AI-based techniques utilize machine learning principles to automatically learn from vast networks of data inputs that can be used to forecast asset price movement over a desired period of time.

"We serve clients across the globe who all have varying expectations when it comes to investing, by modernizing with AI technology, we will be better able to address those differing needs, solidify those relationships and strengthen our investment portfolios." Added Lee Tae-Ho, an Equity Investment Analyst at KB Lancaster Securities.

AI extracts important financial signals to provide advisors insight into their clients' current and future financial needs. AI can be used to personalize investment recommendations based on social indicators signalling major life events, like childbirth or retirement.

By placing the client at the heart of every investment, powered by leading-edge AI-driven analytics, and delivered with improved personalization, financial managers at KB Lancaster Securities can better understand and interpret the needs of their clients.

About Our Company
The team at KB Lancaster Securities has continued to expand, our wealth managers and advisory professionals are highly trained, qualified and fluent across multiple languages.

Whether your financial goal is to achieve an optimum asset allocation or to invest in value-added investment products, we will customise a wealth planning solution for you to reach your financial objectives throughout the various stages of your life. For more information please visit our website: www.klsholdings.com/

Lee Tae-Ho
KB Lancaster Securities
+82 2-2023-5850

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VoLo Earth Ventures leads Seed Series financing for Disruptive Air Conditioning Company, Blue Frontier, LLC

Blue Frontier LLC, the leading innovator in sustainable building cooling solutions, announced today that it closed $1.1M in its Series Seed financing.

PARKLAND, FLORIDA, USA, April 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Blue Frontier, LLC, the leading innovator in sustainable building cooling solutions, announced today that it closed $1.1M in its Series Seed financing. The round was led by VoLo Earth Ventures, an early-stage VC investor focused on tackling climate change through innovative products and technologies. Blue Frontier brought over $3M in non-dilutive grants and projects to the table, propelling the company towards its goal of creating gigaton reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by decarbonizing building cooling. Blue Frontier reduces cooling electricity consumption by up to 90%. However, the company’s technology is not just a play in efficiency, but also in energy storage. Blue Frontier’s intelligent AC units are optimized to consume clean and/or low-cost electricity, eliminating the problematic peak AC demand in buildings.

As Kareem Dabbagh, Managing Partner of VoLo Earth Ventures points out, “Air conditioning is the fastest growing market in the building appliance sector globally, but it is energy hungry. If we do not change the way we create comfortable interior environments, we will end up erasing and in fact limiting our capacity to arrive at sustainability goals.” He adds, “Our investment in Blue Frontier is really exciting. The Company is led by a formidable group of entrepreneurs and engineers that have developed a holistic vision capable of solving the environmental problems associated with air conditioning while improving people’s comfort and increasing the accessibility of air conditioning. Furthermore, they can greatly improve demand response at the distribution grid level, which will reduce demand charges, lower energy bills, and improve resiliency.”

Dr. Daniel Betts, CEO of Blue Frontier, further comments, “Our collaboration with VoLo Earth increases our speed to market. We found that the team at VoLo Earth fully shares our vision for sustainability.”
VoLo Earth is addressing our planet’s climate crisis at its roots by providing first-in funding and hands-on leadership to early-stage climate tech companies. Volo Earth strives to grow, propagate, and capitalize on climate solutions with an intent to deliver superior investment returns and quantifiable carbon benefit.

Daniel Betts
Blue Frontier, LLC
+1 352-258-1405
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International airlines can now meet carbon neutral growth targets with ICAO’s CORSIA-approved Global Carbon Council

Dr. Yousef Alhorr, President of Global Carbon Council.

Dr. Yousef Alhorr, President of Global Carbon Council, says, “Sustainable development and do-no-harm to society and environment are the core principles of GCC in issuing CORSIA-eligible carbon credits.”

Global Carbon Council has been added to the list of programs fully approved under CORSIA to supply carbon credits and help airlines meet carbon neutral growth.

CORSIA’s approval demonstrates that within short time since its launch, Global Carbon Council has been able to reach the mark of quality and environmental integrity.”

— Dr. Yousef Alhorr, President of Global Carbon Council

DOHA, QATAR, April 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — International aviation industry now has increased platforms to offset their unavoidable carbon emissions as Global Carbon Council (GCC) has been added to the list of programs fully approved under UN’s ICAO initiative “CORSIA” to supply carbon credits and help airlines meet their carbon neutral growth. With GCC approved, there are now eight international programs eligible to facilitate the aviation industry in meeting their carbon neutral growth targets.
Qatar-headquartered Global Carbon Council (GCC) has been recognized and approved by Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) of United Nation’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to supply carbon credits to international airlines to meet their carbon neutral growth. By issuing carbon credits, carbon markets like GCC are assisting international organizations to offset unavoidable carbon emissions while also supporting the development of emission reduction projects and catalyzing climate actions. GCC – an initiative of Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD) – is the first and only global voluntary GHG Offsetting Program of MENA region. Established in 2016 and operational since 2019, GCC has now received full approval under CORSIA of United Nation’s ICAO on 19 March 2021.
This approval is the recognition that GCC’s regulatory framework has all elements in place that assure real, additional and permanent emission reductions resulting from the projects registered by it and the Approved Carbon Credits (ACCs) issued by GCC are indeed highly credible and environmentally integral. It also assures that ACCs can be safely used by international airlines to meet their commitment of carbon neutral growth under CORSIA and by other organizations to meet their commitment for carbon neutrality of their products, services, events and activities. With full approval, GCC is listed among eight international programs that are eligible to supply carbon credits to international airlines to meet their carbon neutral growth. It is important to note that GCC, based in Qatar, is one of the two CORSIA-eligible international GHG programs that are headquartered in developing countries.
Speaking about this recent development, Dr. Yousef Alhorr, President of GCC, said, “Global Carbon Council, originated from MENA region, aims to provide carbon market instrument to serve global stakeholders in meeting their commitment for the zero-carbon world. Sustainable development and do-no-harm to society and environment are the core principles of GCC in issuing CORSIA-eligible carbon credits, with equal focus on avoidance of any overlap with national mitigation efforts to meet Paris agreement targets. CORSIA’s approval demonstrates that within short time since its launch, GCC has been able to reach the mark of quality and environmental integrity expected from offsets to aid the efforts of carbon neutrality around the world.”
GCC Program not only recognizes the projects for their contribution to mitigate climate change through the issuance of carbon credits, but also provides labels for their contribution to sustainable development goals and no harm to society and environment.
GCC Program has a complete regulatory framework in place and has already received submission of several GHG reduction projects from Turkey, India and Jamaica, which, if registered, will be collectively capable of reducing 28 million tons of CO2 in 10 years. There are several projects considering submission from several other countries including Qatar, Oman, Serbia and Pakistan, etc. Interest has been expressed by project developers from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Spain, China, Belgium, Canada and USA, etc. Several corporates and airlines are eying upon GCC projects to procure carbon credits from, to achieve their carbon neutrality goals. Carbon credits issued by GCC Program will be used for carbon neutrality of FIFA World Cup 2022. These credits will come from Qatari as well as international projects submitted to GCC. GCC expects to issue more than 10 Million carbon credits in 2021.
It is important to note that in the spirit of contributing to the cause of accurate global accounting of emission reductions and avoidance of double counting and double claiming of emission reductions, GCC has taken part in the implementation of World Bank’s Climate Warehouse and IHS Markit’s Meta Carbon Registry. GCC is also on the Advisory Board of IHS Markit’s Meta Carbon Registry that is under development. World Bank and IHS Markit are developing meta carbon registries to be able to keep accurate accounting of emission reductions due to implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) by countries including the use of carbon market instruments, whether voluntary or compliance based.

Hussam Othmany
Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD)
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Investors Learn Stock Trading From a Free Video Game

Comish Stockmarket Game Cover art

The #1 Stock Trading Game in the World

Comish iOS and Android stock simulator game

Trade Real NYSE stocks for Fun

Download Comish FREE

Highest Rated Stock Simulator Game on the Appstores

Interested in getting into the stock market? This free game for iOS and Android can help you learn the basics before risking real money.

By far the best stock simulator trading game out there today”

— Chad M., CMFH Hedge fund Manager

NEW YORK, NY, USA, April 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the stock market continues to hit all time highs, new investors are flocking to try and get in. But if you haven't invested before, it can be overwhelming and stressful to risk your real cash. COMISH is a stock trading simulator that is not only a TON of fun to play but it's an excellent tool to learn stock investing in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

The game is totally free on Apple iPhone and Android devices and it features hilarious dialogue all set in a 1980's Wall Street golden-era setting. You play as a professional stockbroker named Goldie Saxon. Comish was designed and developed by Jon Sheklow, a New York based stock market and M&A professional who started Opposite Lock Games in an effort to bring the excitement of trading to the masses. He's created a game that allows players to trade in REAL Dow-30 stocks including Apple, McDonald's, Pfizer, Exxon and all others. All prices are updated in REAL TIME and piped in during NYSE market hours.

In addition to real stock trading the game features many other modes as well including trading for your various clients using their money. You can unlock bigger clients as you progress and they give you more and more funds to work with. But if you lose too much of their money they fire you. So it's all an exhilarating game of risk and reward.

This game is recommended very highly to anyone interested in stocks, stock trading, crypto currency trading, Bitcoin, Etherium or any other types of investing.

Jump in now by searching "Comish" on the App Stores now. Buy low, sell high and have fun!

Jon Sheklow
Opposite Lock Entertainment LLC
+ +1 347-766-3375
email us here

“The Highest Rated Stock Trading Game of All Time”

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Emirates NBD and Etihad Credit Insurance sign agreement to ease bank's businesses access to trade finance

(Fifth from left) Massimo Falcioni, CEO of ECI and (sixth from left) Ahmed Al Qassim, Senior Executive Vice President and Group Head, Corporate & Institutional Banking, Emirates NBD, along with senior officials from both entities during the signing ceremo

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, April 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ —

• Collaboration follows their MoU on improving UAE exporters’ liquidity in support of ‘Make it in the Emirates’ initiative
• Initative aims to boost the confidence of the financial sector to fund UAE companies towards their manufacturing, export and expansion goals
• ECI has AA- (Very Strong) Rating with Stable Outlook from Fitch Ratings

Etihad Credit Insurance (ECI), the UAE Federal export credit company and Emirates NBD, a leading banking group in the Middle East, North Africa and Tukey (MENAT) region, have signed an agreement that will improve the liquidity of UAE exporters and businesses and enhance their global competitiveness.

The agreement follows the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in 2019 between Massimo Falcioni, CEO of Etihad Credit Insurance and Ahmed Al Qassim, Senior Executive Vice President and Group Head, Corporate & Institutional Banking, Emirates NBD. The partnership is in line with the UAE government’s ‘Make it in the Emirates’ initiative as it will boost the confidence of the financial sector to fund UAE companies towards their manufacturing, export and expansion goals.

Following their agreement, Emirates NBD can leverage ECI’s insurance policy to provide credit facilities to UAE businesses. The backing of a federal export credit such as ECI helps the bank reduce any risks that may be associated with credit facilities, while supporting UAE businesses’ cashflow and capabilities to seek or continue their global operations.

This alliance is a positive step for local businesses. Through this partnership with Emirates NBD, ECI can help UAE businesses in strengthening the reach of UAE products and exports internationally, which can lead to more avenues to promote the uniqueness and quality of locally manufactured goods, thereby enhancing their competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Underlining ECI’s commitment in supporting financial establishments in the UAE, Falcioni said: “We are very pleased to support the ‘Make it in the Emirates’ initiative, which aims to create a sense of pride in locally made products, through this strategic alliance with Emirates NBD. More than 80 per cent of world trade relies on trade finance, mostly of a short-term nature. We are delighted to offer the solutions we have developed for supporting banks’ factoring and supply financing activities, which can be leveraged effectively by the lenders, to offer innovative financial solutions to their clients, whether large companies or SMEs, thereby benefiting the local economy and supporting its continued development.”

Ahmed Al Qassim, Senior Executive Vice President and Group Head, Corporate & Institutional Banking, Emirates NBD added: “Emirates NBD is delighted to join hands with ECI to support our nation’s businesses and enhance their competitive strengths. As the UAE looks to build ICV (in-country value), this is a critical time for local manufacturers and exporters looking to enhance their proposition on an international stage. As strategic contributors to the UAE economy, Emirates NBD’s partnership with ECI builds on our long-term commitment to deliver robust financing facilities and support to UAE businesses to boost their trade competitiveness and overall confidence.”

Vince Ang
New Perspective Media Group
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اتفاقية بين "الإمارات دبي الوطني" و"الاتحاد لائتمان الصادرات" لتسهيل حصول عملاء البنك على التمويل

(Fifth from left) Massimo Falcioni, CEO of ECI and (sixth from left) Ahmed Al Qassim, Senior Executive Vice President and Group Head, Corporate & Institutional Banking, Emirates NBD, along with senior officials from both entities during the signing ceremo

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, April 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ —

وقّعت الاتحاد لائتمان الصادرات، وهي شركة حماية الائتمان التابعة للحكومة الاتحادي بدولة الإمارات، اتفاقية تمويل تجاري مع بنك الإمارات دبي الوطني، وهو المجموعة المصرفية الرائدة في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا وتركيا، من شأنها أن تعزز السيولة النقدية لدى المصدّرين والشركات الإماراتية وتنافسيتها في الأسواق العالمية.

تأتي هذه الاتفاقية تنفيذاً لمذكرة التفاهم الموقعة بين بنك الإمارات دبي الوطني وشركة الاتحاد لائتمان الصادرات في عام 2019 والتي وقّعها كل من ماسيمو فالسيوني، الرئيس التنفيذي للشركة وأحمد القاسم، نائب الرئيس التنفيذي الأول ورئيس مجموعة الخدمات المصرفية للشركات والمؤسسات في البنك. كما تتماشى مع مبادرة "اصنع في الإمارات " ذلك أنها ستعزز ثقة المؤسسات المالية وقابليتها لمنح تمويلات للشركات الإماراتية، وبالتالي دعم أنشطتها وعملياتها التصديرية وخطط توسيع أعمالها في الأسواق الخارجية.

وبموجب هذا التعاون، ستعمل الاتحاد لائتمان الصادرات على تأمين معاملات البنك، الأمر الذي سيعزز قدرته على تقديم تمويلات تجارية للشركات المحلية. إن الدعم الذي تقدمه شركة حماية الائتمان التابعة للحكومة الاتحادية بدولة الإمارات يساهم في الحد من المخاطر التي قد تواجه البنوك عند تقديم تسهيلات ائتمانية، ويضمن حصول الشركات الإماراتية على السيولة النقدية اللازمة للسعي نحو أو استمرار نمو أعمالها على الصعيد العالمي.

ويعد هذا التحالف بمثابة خطوة إيجابية للشركات الإماراتية ذلك أن الاتحاد لائتمان الصادرات ستدعم هذه الشركات في تسهيل وصول منتجاتها وصادراتها إلى الأسواق الدولية، مما سيؤدي إلى الترويج للمنتجات محلية الصنع عالية الجودة في أسواق متعددة، وبالتالي تعزيز تنافسيتها عالمياً.

وتأكيداً على التزام الشركة بدعم المؤسسات المالية بالدولة، قال ماسيمو فالسيوني، الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة الاتحاد لائتمان الصادرات: "سعيدون بعقد هذه الاتفاقية مع بنك الإمارات دبي الوطني والتي نسعى من خلالها إلى دعم مبادرة "اصنع في الإمارات " التي تهدف إلى خلق إحساس بالفخر والاعتزاز بالمنتجات الوطنية المحلية الصنع. تعتمد أكثر من 80٪ من التجارة العالمية على التمويل قصير الأجل في معظم الأحيان، لذلك نحن سعيدون بدعم المؤسسات المالية وتشجيعها على تقديم حلولها المالية المبتكرة لدعم الشركات الإماراتية الصغيرة والمتوسطة والكبيرة، مما سيعود بالنفع على الاقتصاد الوطني وسيدعم التنمية المستدامة."

من جانبه، قال أحمد القاسم، نائب الرئيس التنفيذي الأول ورئيس مجموعة الخدمات المصرفية للشركات والمؤسسات في بنك الإمارات دبي الوطني: "سعيدون بعقد هذه الشراكة الاستراتيجية مع شركة الاتحاد لائتمان الصادرات لدعم الشركات الإماراتية وتعزيز تنافسيتها. وبما أن دولة الإمارات تهدف إلى تسريع التنويع الاقتصادي وزيادة التصنيع المحلي، فإنه الوقت المثالي لسعي الشركات الإماراتية إلى توسيع ونمو أعمالها على في الأسواق الدولية. وبصفتنا مساهم استراتيجي في نمو الاقتصاد الوطني، فإن شراكتنا مع الاتحاد لائتمان الصادرات تؤكد التزامنا المستمر في تقديم خدماتنا وتسهيلاتنا المالية المبتكرة التي من شأنها أن تعزز ثقة هذه الشركات وتنافسيتها على الصعيد العالمي.

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Announcing the launch of the Acies Ventures – Revolutio program for entrepreneurs and startups

Launch of a unique program aimed at supporting entrepreneurs/ startups having unique business ideas but face technology, capital and management constraints.

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, April 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Acies Ventures has announced the launch of a unique program aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and startups having unique and disruptive business ideas, products and services, but face technology, capital and management constraints. Through the Acies Ventures-Revolutio program, any individual, group or even existing startups can use this program to build or enhance their applications without the hassle of coding, powered by the Revolutio no-code platform developed by Acies TechWorks. They can also get access to capital for funding their business growth through the help of Acies Ventures and also, obtain professional guidance and hand-holding support from the Acies Consulting leaders. Acies Consulting leaders will support them in a variety of ways – ranging from setting up their enterprise, scaling operations by hiring executive management and other professionals, structuring market-entry and business development strategies for positioning their product or service into different marketplaces.

Rahul Murthi, Global Head of Acies Ventures adds, “We are excited to work with new entrepreneurs and startups through this program as we have seen a lot of bright ideas and promising startups failing to succeed often due to challenges in technology development, hiring the right people, partnering with the right investors, timing their entry in marketplaces or even sustaining their revenue streams generated by their products or services…”

He adds, "Over the past year, from our conversations with various budding entrepreneurs and startups, we realized that the common ask is to help them build the right technology stack with less dependency on outsourced technology experts – which is precisely what Revolutio will achieve for them"
Revolutio is a unified no code platform architected to develop applications for the enterprise and for enabling complex compute operations. The platform allows anyone with or without coding experience to build their enterprise-ready applications – covering architecting, data management, process automation, modelling, reporting, visualization and project management capabilities.

Adds Muzammil Patel, Head of Strategy at Acies – "Revolutio bridges the gap for a lot of individuals and businesses that know what is required for the technology-enabled product or service to serve the key need of the marketplace, but never see it become a reality due to lack of technology or coding know-how. With this program, entrepreneurs and startups get access to using this platform to build their application their way"
Access to this program is open to anyone around the globe – interested individuals or startups may send their application by filling the details in the form available here.

About Acies Ventures
Acies Ventures, a division of Acies, focuses on supporting the growth of new-age companies and laser-focused entrepreneurs through equity or debt investments and strategic partnerships, that look to use technology as a means to bring in positive change at the market infrastructure or be a mutualized source for driving efficiency in the industry.

About Acies
Acies is a multi-national firm comprising businesses that focus on providing advisory and implementation services, technology applications and platforms, content and learning and development solutions, and strategic investments.

Acies’ vision is to provide practical and tangible outcomes to support institutions and industries through businesses rooted on using next-generation technologies and tools to innovate, implement, skill and scale businesses to support growth and sustainability.
The firm is headquartered in India and has global offices and entities based in APAC (Singapore and Malaysia), Middle East and Africa (Mauritius) and the Americas (USA) respectively.

To know more about Acies, visit https://www.acies.consulting or our LinkedIn Company page.

Acies Corporate Communications
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Vibe Announces 420 "Community Vibe" Event

Vibe Logo

Community Vibe

Vibe by California Announces “Community Vibe” Event in Preparation for the Biggest Holiday in Cannabis Culture: 4/20

Vibe Growth Corporation (OTCMKTS:VBSCF)

We are continuously looking for ways to create an engaging connection between our cannabis brands and the consumer”

— Ryan Martinez

SACRAMENTO, CA, USA, April 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Vibe Growth Corporation (CSE: VIBE) (OTC Pink: VBSCF) (FSE: A061) (the “Company” or “Vibe”), a vertically integrated multi-state cannabis enterprise, has announced a community event in preparation for the nationally recognized celebration of cannabis culture, April 20th (or 4/20). Boasting the participation of 14 different industry leaders, the event celebrates California’s cannabis culture by showcasing some of the most iconic California brands, including Hype Cannabis Co., and up-and-coming artists and industry influencers.

The “Community Vibe” event, will be hosted today, April 17th at 8112 Alpine Ave in Sacramento, California. The outdoor event will highlight local California cannabis brands and entrepreneurs, acknowledging the people behind the cannabis companies and the core message of the brands.

“We are continuously looking for ways to create an engaging connection between our cannabis brands and the consumer,” says Ryan Martinez of Vibe. “By providing a platform for cannabis brands to share their voice, tell their story, and engage the community in a meaningful way, we generate demand for the products we showcase and bring people in the community together. Our Community Vibe initiative is an opportunity for our cultivators, producers, distributors, and consumers to engage. We are a community-driven company, and this event is a way to celebrate all of the people involved while furthering our brand recognition.”

With live glass blowing demonstrations, music, food, and vendor booths with brand representatives, the event launches Vibe’s “4 days of 420” sale with discounts on all major brands, including the ones being showcased at the event.

The partnering companies include Hype Cannabis Co., Friendly Farms, Seven Leaves, Simply Cannabis, West Coast Treez, Puff Prerolls, LBS Distribution, Uncle Arnies, and Nectr, along with glass artist Matt Condliff and two local DJ’s. Food and beverage will be provided and our socially responsible event will certainly bring good “vibes” to the local community.

About Vibe Growth Corporation

Vibe Growth Corporation and its cannabis retail brand, Vibe By California, is a trusted, vertically integrated California cannabis enterprise with retail dispensaries; cannabis greenhouse cultivation; premium indoor cultivation; commercial cannabis distribution; brand sales and marketing; e-commerce platform; home delivery; and Hype Cannabis Co. marijuana and Vibe CBD products. In California, Vibe is focused on maximizing shareholder value through accelerating organic growth, opportunistic acquisitions, distressed workouts, and new license applications. The Company operates retail and e-commerce under its iconic Vibe By California brand.

To learn more about Vibe, please visit www.vibebycalifornia.com

Michal Holub, CFO
Vibe Growth Corporation
+1 833-420-8423
email us here

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The world's first Artificial Intelligence generated music and video content to enter the NFT market

idkwtd Album Cover

Aimy Moon

Introducing musician Ha Yeon’s digital single, produced by virtual AI composer Aimy Moon released through the global NFT marketplace Mintable.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA & US, April 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The record label company A.I.M (Arts in Mankind) has released a new digital single with artist Ha Yeon. The new single, “idkwtd” (I don’t know what to do) was released this month and is the world’s first artificially produced music creation. Parent company of A.I.M, Enterarts has announced it will release an album with similar music on the global NFT marketplace Mintable.

A.I.M has encapsulated the use of AI-based technology and software to deliver one of the world’s first digitally created composer’s Aimy Moon. Aimy Moon utilizes deep learning and neural networks through advanced technology to create and compose a variety of music content. The recent addition of “idkwtd” has sparked the record label to release an entire album via the popular and global NFT marketplace, Mintable.

The advancements Enterarts and A.I.M have achieved with Aimy Moon reveals the usability and more so, capabilities of artificial intelligence. Progress on the latest music production software has made it possible to apply a host of different scape. These AI-based software programs can produce and edit video content based on the sound source. Ha Yeon, the artist who supplied her sensible vocals has now grown a massive fan base since the release of her AI single, “Eyes on you” in October 2020. Additionally, Ha Yeon has been actively involved in the directing for her music video “Walk Away” which she is set to release later this year.

Thousands of global artists have started using NFT marketplaces such as Mintable as a way to release a wide variety of digital art, music, and other content. The release of “idkwtd” is a first of a kind, as it will be the first time that an AI-composed song and music video are sold through the global NFT market."Entering the world's first AI music & music video content, NFT market is the first step in the change of the social producing ecosystem and support the entry of public customers and artists into the world of NFT and metaverse” said Park Chan-jae, CEO of Enterarts.

NFT or “Non Fungible Token” is the most recent addition to a string of blockchain encryption technology. This new digital asset allows users to have unique identification information, additionally giving them access to a wide selection of digital art, music, books, and videos. There has been ongoing support for the release of more AI-based music, as thousands of similar music from the K-Pop genre have already been released via popular social media platforms. The generous support and fan base which Aimy Moon has received has made it possible for record labels such as A.I.M to push the progressive research and development of artificial music production.

Both Enterarts and A.I.M are looking to create music that will have a deep and meaningful impact on humanity. More so, the company is looking to create a digital platform whereby creative artists can utilize the power of AI-based technology and software to advance the industry, but create and publish meaningful digital video works.

More about A.I.M a subsidiary of Enterarts
Founded in 2018, Arts in Mankind or A.I.M is the world’s first-ever artificial intelligence record label. The record label is operated by Enterarts, a cutting-edge and leading entertainment label in the music and technology industry. A.I.M has been involved in the creation of multiple projects, utilizing AI-based technology and software to create music, video, and other forms of online content.

Since their founding, A.I.M has created an ecosystem that allows artists and technology to come together. In doing so, the label has been able to artificially create Aimy Moon, an artificial intelligent songwriter and music producer. Aimy Moon is the world’s first and only virtual artist that is equipped with automatic music generation technology. Aimy and A.I.M have been able to write and produce music for various K-Pop record labels, especially those in the market of artificial intelligence.


Chanjae Park
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Dillon Beard Joins Clearsulting as R2R Practice Lead

Dillon Beard has joined Clearsulting as Record to Report Practice Lead.

Director Brings Combined Industry and Big Four Experience to New Role

I approach each project from Day 1 with a mindset that is focused on the client’s sustainable experience.”

— Dillon Beard, Record to Report Practice Lead

CLEVELAND, OH, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dillon Beard has joined Clearsulting as the Record to Report Practice Lead within the firm’s Management Consulting practice. Beard comes most recently from KPMG and brings a decade of record to report experience to the firm.

Beard began his career in industry working for a small, innovative manufacturing firm and a growth-focused, Fortune 500 automotive firm before joining KPMG. At KPMG, he quickly advanced and refined his management consulting and client relationship skills. He feels that this combined process and technical experience in both industry and consulting gives him a unique perspective. “I’m able to appreciate and plan for the challenges clients often experience after the consultant leaves,” explains Beard. “I know that it’s important to anticipate the challenges of scaling a solution in a rapidly growing business environment, so I approach each project from Day 1 with a mindset that is focused on the client’s sustainable experience.”

Beard is equally passionate about mentorship and says he looks forward to the relationships role associated with being the Record to Report Practice Lead both with clients and internally. He says, “I’m already so invested in our team members. I want to make sure that they’re getting what they need to grow and to be successful.”

Clearsulting’s Head of Management Consulting, John Tilow, is excited for the leadership skills, energy, and client focus that Beard brings to the firm. Tilow says, “Dillon understands that relationships do not expire at the end of a project. He is committed to forging partnerships that lead clients to long-term success.”


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