Arecont Vision Enhances A&E and Consultant Program with Updated Tools

Arecont Vision steps up support for architects, engineers, and consultants with new tools and enhanced resources, including Revit

This is a very useful resource for our A&E Partner Program members, and Arecont Vision will continue to add and update available tools and support materials going forward.”

— Laura Freeny, Senior Manager, Strategic Accounts, Arecont Vision

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2018 / — Arecont Vision®, the industry leader in IP-based megapixel camera technology, has announced enhancements to the Arecont Vision A&E Partner Program it provides for industry professionals.

The A&E Partner Program supports industry architects, engineers, and consultants with the necessary tools and resources to more effectively deliver valuable project specifications and system designs that include Arecont Vision-brand megapixel cameras. Participants have access to a dedicated A&E Partner Program Portal which provides design resources including product specification documents, mechanical drawings, and calculators. Revit® has now been added to the available resources.

Revit is a BIM (Building Information Modeling) software package developed by Autodesk that produces intelligent three-dimensional models. BIM allows architects, consultants, and engineers to collaboratively design facilities through software. Each Arecont Vision Revit family includes the camera’s geometry, lens and mounting options, field-of-view coverage shapes, specifications, and ordering information. The new Revit models are available for download from Arecont Vision through the A&E Partner Portal.

“BIM models enhance the security designer’s ability to articulate megapixel camera technology to their clients before the system is installed or the facility is even built,” stated Laura Freeny, Senior Manager, Strategic Accounts, Arecont Vision. “This is a very useful resource for our A&E Partner Program members, and Arecont Vision will continue to add and update available tools and support materials going forward.”


Revit models are now available for the following single-sensor Arecont Vision-brand megapixel camera series.

MegaView® 2
MegaDome® 2
MegaDome 4K
MicroDome G2
MegaVideo® G5
MegaVideo 4K
MegaVideo Flex

Arecont Vision-brand multi-sensor megapixel camera series are also supported:

MicroDome Duo
SurroundVideo® Omni G2
SurroundVideo Omni G3
SurroundVideo G5
SurroundVideo G5 Mini

Membership in the A&E Partner Program is free of charge for industry architects, engineers, and consultants.

To learn more about the program or about Arecont Vision products, please call +1.818.937.0700 (select option 3), email, or online at

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Arecont Vision is the leading manufacturer of high-performance megapixel IP cameras, designed and built in the USA.


Jeff Whitney / VP Marketing / Arecont Vision

Phone: +1.818.937.0700 #477




Jeff Whitney
Arecont Vision
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DNotes Global, Inc. Announces Launch of DNotes 2.0 Alpha Pre-Release

DNotes Global, Inc. today announced the launch of its Alpha Pre-Release of the DNotes 2.0 digital currency on March 18, 2018.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2018 / — DNotes Global, Inc. today announced the launch of its Alpha Pre-Release of the DNotes 2.0 digital currency on March 18, 2018. According to a company spokesperson, DNotes 2.0 represents a significant upgrade of the original DNotes currency first introduced in 2014.

DNotes is a blockchain-powered digital currency and payment system that enables its stakeholders to send funds to one another in a rapid, efficient, and low-cost way. The upgraded version of the digital currency will add new features and capabilities and signals the start of the next stage of DNotes’ push to achieve global mass acceptance and adoption.

“With DNotes 2.0, we have upgraded the technology behind our digital currency as part of our broader effort to build out the DNotes ecosystem,” DNotes Global, Inc co-founder and CEO Alan Yong said. “The changes we have implemented with this launch are a crucial part of that strategy and will help to solidify our ecosystem’s foundation as we continue onward toward earning acceptance as a globally-accepted parallel currency and payment system.”

DNotes Global, Inc. also announced that the new DNotes will no longer operate using the “proof-of-work” protocol. To avoid the potential for mining centralization and dilution of stakeholder influence, the company has chosen proof-of-stake as its new network consensus algorithm. The new system enables stakeholders to use their wallet to run a node supporting the DNotes network.

The staking system provides payouts in newly-generated DNotes. Each node’s payout odds are commensurate to its owner’s coin balance as a proportion of the total number of coins being ‘staked’ on the network. The company has suggested that anticipated rewards for staking will be around 2% of the total coins in circulation each year.

“The rewards are just part of the benefit, however,” Yong noted. “The real benefits come from the increased influence that proof-of-stake provides to DNotes stakeholders. POS redistributes economic incentives from miners to coin holders, but it also removes the risk of miners exercising their influence to slow or prevent progress – a problem that has plagued coins like Bitcoin for some time now.”

The DNotesVault will continue in its role as a web portal and online fortress that provides an easy to use interface for users while offering state-of-the-art protection for account-holders’ funds. The new DNotes will reportedly enjoy the same guarantee fund protection that the original version provided to users.

The currency’s Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans will see a change. With DNotes 2.0, the company has expanded the plans to ensure that all DNotes users enjoy their benefits. Under the new system of rewards, every DNotes depositor will earn interest on holdings held in their account for set periods of time, at a rate of 0.5% interest every 30 days.

As Yong notes, ‘Digital currency was always meant to be a promise: a promise that says that your money should be yours to control. With DNotes 2.0, we are one step closer to making that promise a reality for everyone around the world: more control over your own money, and greater financial inclusiveness. That’s the future of money.”

“The launch of DNotes 2.0 is just the beginning. In the weeks and months to come, we will have additional announcements about new ecosystem features, new programs, and exciting new changes. Stay tuned, because the future of money is here – and the best is yet to come.”

About DNotes and Alan Yong:

DNotes co-founder Alan Yong is a well-regarded visionary who established Dauphin Technology in 1988. He is the author of the book “Improve Your Odds: The Four Pillars of Business Success, and is well-regarded as a “thought leader” in the cryptocurrency industry.

DNotes is a digital currency noted for its consistent and reliable growth, and innovative initiatives that actively engage women, young people, small businesses, workers, and others – effectively inviting the world to participate in the digital currency revolution.

For more information please visit:

Alan Yong
DNotes Global Inc.
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The Brand Behind The Brands

Trilogy Brands Makes Headlines As The New Face of Retail & Leisure International Magazine

The world of brands is ready to create new global partnerships and expand its horizons to reach consumers worldwide. This is a unique opportunity to showcase our brands”

— Barbara D'Amato

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2018 / — “The Brand Behind the Brands” Trilogy Brands Group makes headlines in the world of retail as the face on the new cover of Retail & Leisure International, the world’s only global retail and leisure magazine. And is the face of this year’s MIPIM issue, the world’s largest real estate event which gathers the most influential players from all sectors of the premium property industry, food and beverage, retail, leisure and entertainment industries globally.

Barbara D’Amato has the distinctive honor to be the first person in 13 years to be on the cover of RLI Magazine as part of a strategic move of the magazine to showcase the faces of retail. “What a fantastic opportunity to be chosen to be the first face of retail globally and to promote the world’s top brands through the most prestigious retail and leisure magazine worldwide” D’Amato states.

Trilogy Brands Group recognizes the need for global penetration in a market where the retail sector is the leading driver of global economic growth. Securing brands is key to solving challenges in the global retail industry. Barbara D’Amato, CEO of Trilogy Brands Group, sat down on an interview with RLI to discuss how the company is capitalizing on great momentum and growing the portfolio with dozens of unique brands that engage consumers worldwide.

On the cover, Barbara D’Amato is featuring a dress by Halston and jewelry by Misahara. She is all work and glow, spending much of her time on-stage as a keynote speaker and panelist at world leaders’ organizations from the WEForum, MIPIM, ICSC, RECON, GRLC and more. And off-stage in photo shoots showcasing brands that are taking the retail world by storm, like Grayse a premium fashion brand specializing in the modern, intuitive, edgy and sophisticated women of today, owned by the iconic Gray family, the creators of one of the most recognizable fashion brands in the world: St John; Misahara a fine jewelry house that pays tribute to the shimmering waters of the Adriatic Sea and the golden sand of the Sahara Desert, making headlines as it was the jewelry of choice by celebrities like Lady Gaga at The Met Gala in New York; Halston an iconic fashion brand worn by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Sarah Jessica Parker and Taylor Swift; and Butera a premium home brands collection transforming homes for over 20 years and one of the most sought-after luxury interior design firms and lifestyle brands.

“The world of brands is ready to create new global partnerships and expand its horizons to reach consumers worldwide. This is a unique opportunity to showcase our brands” explains D’Amato.

An important part of retail is the food and beverage sector. All-time favorites include: Rainforest Café, Morton’s Steakhouse, T-Rex Restaurant, Ruby’s Diner, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, American Cut, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, PDQ, ZPizza among many of the brands Trilogy represents for international expansion.

RLI is an international publication that provides industry analyses on an extensive variety of topics, together with informative in-depth articles and profiles on the retail and leisure industry's leading operators. Circulated monthly to individually named CEOs, Directors and key decision-makers internationally, the magazine is dedicated to the retail and leisure market – incorporating global news, specialist features, profiles and regular sections all combined to offer the reader a valuable insight into the impact of retail & leisure development on the industry. RLI Magazine is the chosen media partner for all major retail real estate industry events globally with a monthly circulation of 20,000 key decision makers, increasing to 40,000 at major events. RLI is the media partner at: MIPIM UK, MIPIM Asia, ICSC RECon Europe, ICSC RECon London, the World Retail Congress, MAPIC, the Retail Leaders Circle in Dubai, and the Retail Leaders Conference in Pakistan.

We look forward to connecting face to face with retailers and developers at some of these events in London, Madrid, Cannes, Hong Kong, Dubai and Lahore, or direct email inquiries to Trilogy: We have some AMAZING BRANDS ready to expand internationally!

Check out the full online publication:

Barbara D’Amato is an influencer and strategy director focusing on global brand development and growth for the world’s top brands. Recognized as a leading expert in retail and entertainment, social impact in emerging markets, and cross-border partnership opportunities. A sought-after speaker globally on leadership, finance, and entrepreneurship. A visionary change agent for women and youth. A global catalyst. And a next generation global citizen. For more information: LinkedIn: Twitter: @Bdamato13

Barbara Damato
Trilogy Brands Group LLC
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BND Levante Group award winning product interview with CEO Maria Perez

Maria Perez, CEO of BND Levante Group explain all relevant topics of award winning BND Real Estate Bond ll in short interview

BENIDORM, ALICANTE, SPAIN, March 19, 2018 / — • Spanish real estate has become hot property once again, why do you think that is?

“It’s basically the year when it’s all come together. “The Spanish economy is doing well, its banks are healthy, there’s a very investor-friendly legal framework and property is still cheap compared to other European cities.” It’s a far cry from 2008, when investors couldn’t dump Spanish real estate fast enough. The recovery started four years later with a 41 billion-euro ($49 billion) banking-system bailout and is gathering pace as lenders discount and clear out toxic property assets.

• Why is Spain number two in the global real estate list for best investment in properties?

Spain's housing market finally returned to growth in Q1 2016. Spanish house prices had fallen by a total of 41.9% (46.8% inflation-adjusted) from Q4 2007 to Q3 2015, based on figures from TINSA. Demand is now rising strongly. In 2016, the total number of home sales in Spain increased 14% to 457,689 units from the previous year, according to the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (INE). This rise in transactions was mainly driven by foreigners buying homes on the coast and in cities like Barcelona and on the Costa’s, one of the country’s most popular areas with overseas purchasers. Most foreign homebuyers are Britons, French, Germans, Belgians, Italians and Swedes.

• What’s the vacation rental market in Benidorm like at present? Have there been any significant changes as of late that you can tell us about?

The Spanish real estate market is experiencing a new boom, this time in the rental sector. The average rent for new leases has risen 20.9% over the last year, according to leading industry website Idealista. And cities like Benidorm saw record average prices. This is due to a rise in demand, but also to a drop-in supply. That is because many homeowners who had been renting out their properties during the economic slump are now putting them back on the sales market as prices start to pick up again. Added to this is the fact that short-term rentals to tourists has become a more profitable proposition than long-term leases.

• What is Benidorm like as a destination? What are its best features? What is special about Levante beach?

If you like a bit of bustle and hustle on your holiday, then you’ll enjoy the energy of the Levante area of Benidorm. Beach, hotel and theme park pleasures by day and the highest concentration of entertainment and clubbing venues in Europe by night. You can just feel the happy atmosphere. The smiling guests of the iconic sky scraper hotels ensure the bar and beach life is always lively and varied. Or, if you just want to relax with family and friends, there are plenty of opportunities for that, including taking in the sun by the pool with a cooling drink in hand.

• BND is the only real estate company that offers corporate bonds for investors in Benidorm, why did you decide to move into this market? What makes this market attractive?

Because most investors they are not from here and not spend time here all year round, this is the biggest problem to get full occupancy what is needed to get a high return on your investment, add this up a to high price pay for from the beginning and the results are most of the time disappointed. As we know the market, so we not buy the properties first of all to high and it is more easy and cheaper to maintain a group of properties instead of one, as it is for us a day time job and be here all year around the results of full occupancy is much higher, what brings higher ROI per year on the properties then if an investor buy one property alone from abroad. This is the reason why we set up this bond so investor from all over the world can still earn on the booming short-term rental market of Benidorm with out the hassle of a mortgage, no finding tenants, no maintenance, an easy, secure investment that gives you a fixed monthly return

• How can investors purchase bonds through BND’s website?

This is a very simple process, anybody can go to our website: and Sign up to gain access to our member area and our Investor Report: Property portfolio – Partner program – Bond calculator – Terms of BND Bond – Buy BND Bond online. If you click on buy the BND bond page it will take you to 3 simple steps to order and by the BND bond online: STEP 1: Fill in your details STEP 2: Download & Upload documents STEP 3: Payment details

• What are BND’s unique selling points?

Hassle free – no mortgage, maintenance or finding tenants to get an ROI.
A simple, easy and secure investment that generates a fixed return into your bank account.
Safe and consistent for investors of all levels.
Low entry level investment of only €5,000

• Why is BND Real Estate Bond ll based only on buying existing short-term vacation rental properties in Levante beach?

Very simple, at the moment we buy an existing property in the first or second line beach in Levante area we can start collect high short-term rental income from day one and this is the reason why we can assure our bondholders/investors we can give this high ROI p.a. and pay out the fixed monthly interest payments.

• Do you have any other real estate bonds in the pipeline? What are they and what makes them different?

We plan a different real estate bond end 2018 begin 2019, with this bond we plan to buy in this same area an plot and develop our own skyscraper of at least 20-30 floors and sale this properties, the different for our bondholders with this bond is that this will not give them In the meantime an monthly fixed income but on the end when the project is finished.

Paul Dunn
BND Levante Group SA
+34 965 798 373
email us here

BND Levante Group award winning product video

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Study: 27.78 Percent of NCTC Member Operator Credit Inquiries From ‘Deep Subprime’ Prospects

FICO Score Ratings by Rank Order

FICO Score Ratings by Rank Order


SubscriberWise reveals proprietary segmentation technology representative of the majority of 800+ independent cable/broadband operators across the nation

Specifically, according to FICO, the percent of people who default on any credit account over a two-year period is 79% for scores between 300 to 499, and 63 percent for scores between 500 to 549”

— David Howe, SubscriberWise

MASSILLON, OH- OHIO, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 18, 2018 / — SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today characteristic segmentation analysis among the hundreds of nationwide member operators served by the National Cable Television Cooperative.

The analysis involved SubscriberWise proprietary segmentation data from prospective subscribers in the majority of U.S. states with a focus on SubscriberWise’s ‘Level 7’ and ‘Level 8’ consumers who originate in the bottom 12 percent of the adult credit consuming population as indicated by the Fair Isaac Corporation’s nationwide distribution of FICO scores ( and

“This revelation is a tough pill to swallow,” said David Howe, SubscriberWise founder and president. “It’s especially tough for marketing managers who are tasked with increasing sales but often navigate with blinders while unintentionally increasing an operator’s liabilities by selling non-pay disconnections because of a lack of access to this type of data. Worse, according to S&P, ‘today’s subprime customer appears to be a weaker cohort than that of several years ago’

“But what does it mean when, on average, 28 percent of NCTC-member-operator-prospects originate with a SubscriberWise ‘Level 7’ or ‘Level 8’ decision,” continued Howe. “From a ‘FICO Score 9’ ( standpoint, it means that the prospective consumer has a scorable file with a FICO Score of 300 to 549.

“And according to scientific analysis of millions of consumer reports by the Fair Isaac Corporation, these score rankings reflect consumers who have high risk of failing to pay as agreed on any obligation over a two-year period.

Related: Why 'deep subprime' auto loans are beginning to worry Wall Street:

“Specifically, according to FICO, the percent of people who default on any credit account over a two-year period is 79% for scores between 300 to 499, and 63 percent for scores between 500 to 549,” Howe stated.

“In other words, these are consumers who are in a financial crisis and — despite the best intention to pay as agreed — these individuals will disproportionately fail to meet their obligations as evidenced by the deep subprime scores calculated from extremely adverse credit reports that contain substantial and serious delinquency.

“From the standpoint of SubscriberWise’s proprietary decision technology, it’s also relevant to highlight that this extreme level of credit risk is reflective of Fair Isaac’s latest scoring model, FICO Score 9, which treats unpaid medical collection accounts differently than other types of unpaid collection accounts, offering a better opportunity for many people to regain their credit standing,” added Howe.

“But why should a communications operator care about this scientific analysis, including similar trends among other industry segments? Because from a risk and selling standpoint, the deep subprime consumer represents more than the hundreds of dollars of potential write-off from unpaid programming and unreturned equipment,” continued Howe. “Unfortunately, it’s also a data-driven fact that prospects who originate in the very bottom rungs of the adult credit consuming population, they correlate significantly with high negative churn, statistically higher rates of fraud and predatory behavior, increased burdens on the call center, and other high-risk scenarios that translate into disproportionate revenue losses and operational inefficiencies across the entire MSO.”

Related: Cord Cutting Not the Only Issue Facing Industry Says 21-Year Cable Veteran:

“To be crystal clear, however, the facts revealed today are not meant to be a personal indictment on any individual who is struggling with extreme credit delinquency and a demonstrated inability to manage finances at the moment she or he is scored,” emphasized Howe. “Rather, the analysis is meant to inform operators about the mathematical and scientific probabilities of rank-order technology — specifically the marked and demonstrated risk of non-payment — at origination. It’s meant to help operators navigate accordingly. It’s proactive vs. reactive.

“The proven approach,” concluded Howe. “Accept the hard data and approve with confidence every prospect – regardless of credit risk – by asking deep-subprime prospects to consume services responsibly for a short time prior to over-extending offerings that will almost certainly guarantee huge liabilities.”

About SubscriberWise

By incorporating years of communications performance data and decision models, including FICO's latest analytic technology (FICO 9 Score), SubscriberWise® delivers unprecedented predictive power with a fully compliant, score driven decision management system. SubscriberWise is a risk management preferred-solutions provider for the National Cable Television Cooperative ( The NCTC helps nearly 1000 members nationwide.

SubscriberWise is a U.S.A. federally registered trademark of the SubscriberWise Limited Liability Co.

Media Relations
330-880-4848 x137
email us here

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Chronic Constipation Relief by HyGIeaCare® Colon Irrigation shown to be Well-Tolerated, Safe and Effective

odorless and acoustically protected HyGIeaCare experience

HyGIeaCare® Relief was safely completed in 175 patients; 100% of the patients achieved a bowel movement and achieved relief of constipation.

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2018 / — HyGIeaCare Inc. announced that a study titled Colon Irrigation: Effective, Safe, and Well-Tolerated Alternative to Traditional Therapy in the Management of Refractory Chronic Constipation has been published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Vol.2 No.1:5, 2018, ISSN 2575-7733. The paper was co-authored by Parth J Parekh, MD, Dawn Burleson, RN MBA, Craig Lubin, MD and David A Johnson, MD MACG FASGE FACP.

One of the most common complaints faced by both primary care physicians and gastroenterologists is constipation, affecting up to 60 million of the general population in the US.

At an individual level, constipation can have a dramatic impact on the patient’s overall well-being, including anxiety, depression, somatization, sexual dysfunction, and time lost off work. A national survey, which included 10,030 respondents found that up to 72% of patients with constipation felt that their constipation was very to extremely bothersome.

At the macro level, studies have found a recent surge of emergency department visits for constipation-related issues, with an increase in more than 40% over a 5-year period with an associated 120% increase in aggregate national costs over the same timeframe with an aggregate cost in excess of $1.6 billion dollars. Estimates suggest that upwards of $800 million dollars are spent annually on over-the-counter laxatives. For severe constipation, it is expected that HygieaCare relief is an easier, safer and significantly less expensive alternative to gastrograffin enemas, which are routinely performed by radiologists with an X-ray.

Healthcare providers feel the frustration as well, and many health care providers perceive inadequate treatment in the majority of their patients.

The HyGIeaCare® System may treat chronic constipation via a multi-faceted approach by (1) cleansing the bowel without the need for aggressive medical therapy or manual and/or surgical intervention, and (2) theoretically altering the microbiome with the hopes of repopulating a more favorable microbial profile.

The primary endpoint of the procedure in the study was successful passage of stool during colonic irrigation with secondary endpoints being patient satisfaction and a favorable side effect profile.

The results of the study show that the HyGIeaCare® System cleansing was successfully completed in all 175 patients. 100% of these patients had solid stool excrement and displayed a definitive removal of fecal obstructing debris compared to traditional therapy.

HyGIeaCare® Relief may have a lasting effect that goes beyond immediate relief. Recent studies have demonstrated that alterations in the microbiome could result in or propagate chronic constipation. Thus, high volume irrigation may alter the microbiome in ways that could potentially promote growth of more favorable bacteria resulting in longer lasting relief. Future studies are needed to study the longevity of response duration.

“HyGIeaCare® Relief for chronic constipation proved to be a well-tolerated and safe alternative for patients suffering from constipation with a high willingness to repeat.” said Gavriel Meron, Chairman and CEO of HyGIeaCare, Inc. “We are pleased to see more physicians referring constipated and impacted patients, allowing them to safely benefit from excellent outcomes.”

The paper is available at: .

About HyGIeaCare, Inc.

HyGIeaCare Inc., a US Delaware corporation, commenced operations in 2015 with a goal of creating a new standard of care to ensure patients are ready for colonoscopy utilizing the FDA cleared HyGIeaCare® System.
HyGIeaCare creates HyGIeaCare Centers in partnership with Gastroenterologists who refer their patients with a prescription to perform a simpler and easier bowel prep for colonoscopy, performed on the same day and prior to colonoscopy. The HyGIeaCare Prep replaces the traditional oral preparation that is so difficult and even impossible for many patients.
Gastroenterologists are also referring patients who are not responding well to laxatives for Constipation Relief at the HyGIeaCare Centers.
HyGIeaCare Centers are currently operational in Austin TX (2015), Norfolk VA (2016), Jackson MS and Cincinnati OH (2017), and a number of other Centers are currently in planning and build out phase in the US. More than 7,000 patients have performed the prep procedure with 97% adequately prepped, and very high patient satisfaction – 95% of the patients responding that they would again choose HyGIeaCare prep over the alternative oral prep.

# # #
For more information about HyGIeaCare® please go to our website:

Michal Gorodish

Michal Gorodish, VP Marketing
hygieacare inc.
email us here

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Carlos Aguirre Promoting His New Book The Wealth Taboo.

The Wealth Taboo by Carlos Aguirre MBA

El Tabu de la Riqueza por Carlos Aguirre MBA

The Book Includes Information on How to Manage Money and to Get Away From the Mainstream Investment Field.

“It creates awareness of our current alarming social-economic situation,
which will doom younger generations.””

— William Bronchick Esq.

ARLINGTON, TEXAS, USA, March 18, 2018 / — Aguirre brings more than 20 years of experience in the finance service and advisory industry into his book. A veteran of the real estate and private lending fields, Aguirre is aiming to help people learn more about how to use a true path of wealth to be more successful.

The Wealth Taboo includes many valuable points for all to follow. These include points like understanding the world banking system and how the current money banking system uses people. This includes a look at how the system is used to help with producing wealth for some but not for all people. Diversification and residual income are prominently covered in this book. The use of a strong financial network is emphasized in particular to help people understand what they can do to produce more wealth and give themselves the power and control you need over their lives.

The main point that Aguirre wants people to understand is that they are often played for as pawns in the financial system. While banks and other larger financial institutions are capable of making more money, it is often harder for individual people to actually make the money that they want to get.

While people often work hard for their money, they will have an easier time with succeeding when they look more into how their funds are organized. By reading The Wealth Taboo, people can learn how to change their mindsets around and to think differently. People need to understand this to have a clear idea of what can be done to manage different concepts or ideas for handling money and knowing how to invest and bank the right way.

Carlos Aguirre is inviting people to take a look at what The Wealth Taboo has to offer for those who want to get more out of their funds. Visit to get additional information on this and other productions from Aguirre and to learn more about his work.

Media Contact:
Company: ReiWealth LLC
Contact: ReiWealth LLC
Address: PO Box 173841, Arlington, TX 76003

ReiWealth LLC
ReiWealth LLC
email us here

The Wealth Taboo by Carlos Aguirre|Foreword by William Bronchick Esq.

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New Sedus competence centres in Dogern and Geseke

Sedus has unveiled its vision for the future at its two factories in Germany, 
with a major programme of modernisation to create new competence centres.

WALDSHUT, GERMANY, March 18, 2018 / — Sedus has unveiled its vision for the future of manufacturing at its two factories in Germany, 
with a major programme of modernisation and construction to create new competence centres. The overall investment in the new facilities will exceed €20 million, with the main part of the budget focussed on new and refurbished administrative buildings as well as new manufacturing layouts in Dogern and Geseke.
Work has already begun at the two sites in the Upper Rhine and in East Westphalia. At the 
Sedus plant in Dogern construction is underway on a state of the art new office complex which 
will become the new home for the sales and marketing team who are currently based at the headquarters building in nearby Waldshut. The building currently used by the development 
will then become a major, new experience center with a showroom and seminar facilities. 
The opening of the new space will take place by the end of the year.
Meanwhile, at the Geseke site which is home to Sedus Systems GmbH, an additional floor will 
be added to the existing office building to create a new showroom space. All administrative
 spaces will be refurbished and employees will move in this year to enjoy the improved new 
facility. The new showrooms will become international centres of excellence for customers, 
in line with the current network of Sedus showrooms across Europe.
The changes will have a profound effect on the business, according to Holger Jahnke, 
Spokesman of the Board. "The new, rebuilt and expanded buildings will create two attractive Sedus competence centres that are incomparable in the industry. They will become world class spaces for our own employees but also living examples of best practice for customers. There is 
no better way for us to confirm the thinking behind new products than for us to work with them ourselves, because we are just as focussed on the benefits of workplaces as our customers.
“Anyone who works with Sedus understands the quality associated with a brand that is made in Germany and valued in more than 50 countries worldwide. We remain at the cutting edge of 
market developments and understand how to make workplaces future proof and protect the investment of clients. This requires an analysis of work processes and culture as well as an understanding of the identity and goals of each business. Only then are we able to design a 
tailor-made solution. This will also incorporate guidance for users, a full service offering, 
products and after sales guarantees. We call this complete package ‘Sedus Future Proof’ 
which encompasses professional consultancy, a full package of services and long-term product continuity, to ensure we provide a solution that meets present needs and is able to adapt to 
the future.”
Employees were fully engaged with the design of the new facilities, with people consulted in 
a series of workshops, in exactly the same way Sedus advises customers. According to Holger Jahnke: "With the new buildings, which are among the most modern office spaces in Germany, 
we prove our competence as an innovative office design and fit-out specialist. In order to achieve the best results with ideas that work in both theory and practice we engage expert designers for acoustics, climate control and lighting and a range of other specialists.”
At the same time as this programme of construction, a new layout will be realised at the plant in Dogern which will optimise the manufacturing process. According to Technical Director Daniel Kittner: "With the new production layout, we can increase productivity, which will in turn improve delivery times. Since we produce only on order and from a batch size of one, we offer millions of variants and respond directly to the individual needs of our international clients."

Sedus Stoll Group closed the 2016 financial year with sales of over € 188 million and employs around 900 people.

Joachim Sparenberg
Sparenberg PR
+49 (0)7741 8355003
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Maryland City, County & State Organizations Bring Cyber Home

CyberSecurity Forum Sponsors

Private and Public Sectors Unite on CyberSecurity

A business that’s been hacked can lose as much as $27,000 a day which is one of the major reasons we designed a real-time intrusion detection system.”

— Ira Kolmaister, President Network Alarm Corporation

ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND, USA, March 16, 2018 / — Local, County and State Economic Development professionals brought home the importance of CyberSecurity for small and medium sized businesses in a forum held at the Rockville Economic Development Incorporated offices.

Network Alarm Corporation, the developer of Red Gravity CyberSecurity, helped organize the event along with Rockville Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation, the State of Maryland’s Department of Commerce and the Technology Development Corporation of Maryland (TEDCO).

Presenters included Bill Day, Esq. ; Markus Rauschecker, J.D. CyberSecurity Program Manager for the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security; Olin S. Green, Jr. of VariQ; Bhavesh Vadhani of CohnReznick, and Ira Kolmaister of Network Alarm Corporation. Laurie Boyer of REDI served as Master of Ceremonies and Mark Miraglia, CyberSecurity Manager of the Maryland Department of Commerce served as the Panel Moderator.

“The ongoing challenges of CyberSecurity require us to work together, constantly aligning priorities, constantly improving, and constantly reaffirming our commitment,” stated attorney Bill Day. “CyberSecurity is an essential part of life for individuals as well as businesses of all kinds.”

Major themes of the Cyber forum, the first in a series, included the need for training as well as technology, contractual assurances, insurance, and proactive planning. While firewalls and anti-virus software are twenty years old, they’re still needed along with newer approaches like Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and real time intrusion detection. Establishing a CyberSecurity program that meets the many state and federal regulatory requirements can help businesses protect their assets and become a more reliable business partner.

"Organizations and small businesses are facing a patchwork of CyberSecurity laws, regulations, and contractual obligations which can seem pretty overwhelming," stated Markus Rauschecker. "But, implementing some easy “best-practices,” some good planning, as well as training and exercising can go a long way to addressing those legal and policy issues."

A video of the entire program is available online:

In addition to your organization, your clients and your supply chain must also be protected. You’re only as strong as your weakest link and your CyberSecurity protocol requires continual scrutiny and updating. Every protocol must include physical, personnel, and real time intrusion detection for all organizations. Policy, training, contractual, and documentable proof is required to defend every link.

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, March 16, 2018 / — Cancer research journal Oncotarget published a recent study indicating precision oncology may improve overall survival and lower healthcare costs for advanced cancer patients. The peer-reviewed study is online in the February 2018 edition of Oncotarget.

Researchers and collaborators from Intermountain Precision Genomics, Navican Genomics, and Stanford University School of Medicine, analyzed the progression of 44 total patients — half of whom received genomic testing and precision treatment — and compared the results to a similar group of patients who received standard chemotherapy. The median overall survival of the precision medicine group was double that of those who did not receive targeted therapy. They also found that those who underwent precision therapy had about 7% lower healthcare-related costs in the last three months of life as compared to those who underwent standard therapy.

First author on the study, Dr. Derrick Haslem, director of medical oncology at Intermountain Healthcare said, “Any time we can improve overall survival and quality of life, that’s a win-win situation for the patients, their families, and health professionals.

“This study shows healthcare costs were actually less per week of life in the targeted therapy approach versus the standard chemotherapy approach,” Haslem explained. “Not only were patients living longer, but the costs to actually care for those patients were less. Additionally, based on the findings, there were fewer inpatient stays and emergency room visits, and patients enjoyed a better quality of life because they didn’t have to spend time in the hospital. They had more time to spend with the people they love.”

Intermountain Healthcare is widely recognized as a leader in transforming healthcare through high quality and sustainable costs. Intermountain Precision Genomics (IPG) is a service of Intermountain Healthcare. For more information about Intermountain Precision Genomics, please visit:, join the dialog on Facebook (Intermountain Cancer Centers), or follow @intermtncancer on Twitter.

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